The Amazing Race: Full Speed Ahead, Captain
November 7, 2015 7:39 AM - Season 27, Episode 7 - Subscribe

6 teams travel from France to the Netherlands on the next leg in a race around the world.

This episode featured a postcard clue, one team not trying to get a better train, a lighthouse boat, confusing Rotterdam and Amsterdam, confusing the Netherlands and Germany, terrible pronunciations, water taxis, smug assurance one dude would do the challenge better than his partner was doing it, fitbit math, van Gogh, tulips, disapproving goat face, a giant wooden shoe, vodka, another Phil pop-up commentary, virtual captaining, double dutch, an impressed judge, and the reporters getting actual screen time.

I leave you with these parting words from my mom with whom I watched this episode: “Don’t marry him!”
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"We're doctors, we're good at paying attention to detail." Yeah, I had that same theory about them - way back at the very beginning.

What the heck were those Texas boys thinking?

That was a big cash prize for 1st place. I don't remember any so big in the time I've been watching. Pairs of cars have been worth more, but the tax issue is more problematic.

And go, reporters.
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This is the third consecutive week I went "Who is that?" when I saw the reporters. They are the Ann Veal of the Amazing Race.
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I can only recognize the reporters together, and they are (by default) the team I'm rooting for. That said, when...Joey? was doing the roadblock, I literally wondered who that random guy doing the task was, and if he worked at those windmills.
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That said, when...Joey? was doing the roadblock

This is extra funny because they wear hats with their names on them. (I couldn't tell you their names either).
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Man, now I want to go to Rotterdam and do the ship simulator! That looked awesome!

Also..."the Hagoo", seriously?
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