Master of None: Plan B
November 7, 2015 6:00 PM - Season 1, Episode 1 - Subscribe

A condom mishap and a kid's birthday party prompt Dev to consider the reality of having children
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The UberX joke just slayed me.
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I LOVE this show. I just burned through four episodes and they are all fantastic. Funny and poignant. The ice cream with the kids, the number of times I've had to go through lists like that. Eating my kids' horrible inventions. I have one that loves giving me dill pickles with vanilla yoghurt. And the episodes just get better. I was only vaguely familiar with Ansari, I haven't watched Parks and Rec. This is brilliant.
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I haven't watched Parks and Rec.

You should probably rectify this grievous error in judgment.

This show isn't IMO quite as funny as P&R (I've seen 4 episodes, and there's no dearth of laugh-out-loud moments) but it makes up for that by being topical. I also think P&R is maybe just more my style.
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We just had to force ourselves to stop after three episodes tonight. It's like watching a really good short play festival.
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I watched 6 or 7 eps last night. For some reason the excitement over the bounce house killed me and the visit to the toy store was also hilarious to me.

Agree that the episodes just get better.
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I thought the first episode was pretty good but it gets just much, much better. It's a great show, new season NOW please.
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Whoever picks the music is totally kicking ass.
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there's a playlist on Spotify.
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I am really loving this show. Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang did a great interview with Terry Gross about the show and a bunch of other things - I definitely recommend listening to it.
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This show is so wonderful - SO wonderful. Just finished the whole batch of episodes. If anyone is on the fence about watching, dive in.
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Ansari's first standup special was SO good, I always wondered if he would ever top it. This was an unexpected way for that to happen. Not to discount the greatness of Parks and Recreation but standup, like this show, is such a personal thing. Comparisons to Louie notwithstanding—and really, anything can be broken down in terms of "like x but with y"—I feel like the show has it's own unique voice. I'd go out of my way to see more from Aziz Ansari, auteur. From stadium comic to beloved writer/actor, there are worse career arcs to follow than Steve Martin's. Somebody send this guy a banjo.
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This was so, so much better than I was expecting. I am forcing myself to watch only one episode at a time to prolong my enjoyment as much as possible, but....I doubt I'll make it to next weekend without finishing it all. Guess I should pick up that book about dating he released recently?
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Bricabrac man is still great though, so I say just go for it.
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Bricabrac man, *rewatching * is still great, is what I mean to say.
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Wow. I never really liked Ansari.
But this . . .
This is amazingly good.

I started today and am already on the next to last episode.
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Noel Wells is fantastic in this. (And overall a much more fleshed out character than the regular manic pixie dream girl.) This show like an optimistic version of Louie.
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Also, yes, you should pick up 'Modern Romance.'
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A couple of years ago, Noël Wells (who plays Rachel) shot a popular Youtube video lip-syncing Britney Spears’ “Toxic” in the shower while pouring food over her hair
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Noel Wells is in this tiny indie romcom movie called For Ev that I would recommend.

She was also fired from SNL and is funny about it.

Her twitter is also good.
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Does anyone know why Aziz's character's name is pronounced to rhyme with "Kev"? (as in short for Kevin). I've noticed Dev Patel pronounces his name the same way. Prior to this show (and looking up Dev Patel), I've only ever encountered Dev being pronounced as "Dave" (as in short for David).

Is this a regional thing? Which region? Or does Aziz pronounce it like "Kev" because Dev Patel's pronunciation is already widely known?
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I think it's just American pronunciation, like when everyone says SAN - jay instead of SUN-jay.
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Oh my god, that scene with the little girl and the bathroom. Dev is lucky he didn't end up in jail!
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Watched the whole first season yesterday afternoon and OMFG so good. Like others have said, if you're at all thinking this might be your jam, just dive it. You're gonna love it. I can't wait to push this on everyone I know in the most obnoxious ways.
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I've had surprising success just being like "even if you don't like Aziz's other stuff," even if you "think he's annoying," you'll probably like this. I feel like everyone wants to watch this show. Im sure that's not true but in my world it seems everywhere.
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I'm looking forward to watching more, but the first one felt just .. decent. There were funny bits, but perhaps as a parent of tiny creatures, it was too real, and not real enough.

By which I mean I know how the first year of having a baby can stress a relationship, but if you survive that and decide to do it all over again, the second one isn't as bad. A couple years in, you'll deal with more and varied annoyances with being a parent, with the tantrums and shouting in public, but there's a lot more fun and love to be had. (And it's hard not to laugh at them when they do some unexpected bad thing, or freak out over nothing, which is the wrong response in both cases.) And parents, amirite? They do. not. stop. talking. about. their. kids.

But yeah, bounce houses are a blast. I was in one last weekend at a five-year-old's birthday party, and now I want them at my own birthday party, only so I can bounce without feeling like a jerk to little kids.
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Oh gosh I loved this.
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Seconding sweetkid. I grew up with a Dev, well before Dev Patel was famous (or out of infancy), so it's not that. I use the Anglicized pronunciation of my name instead of the "correct" pronunciation, but respond to both.

The year that my best friend died, on his birthday, we threw a big backyard party. There was a bounce house. I hurt myself significantly. It was pretty great.
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Can I just confirm that 'bounce house' is the country wide US term for 'bouncy castle'? This another of those UK things like 'torch' where we end up sounding like we are stuck in the mediaeval times, isn't it?

Loved the show, looking forward to the rest.
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It is indeed a bouncy castle, and I think I've heard that more than I've heard "bounce house" in the US. Nothing says "medieval times" like spelling it "mediaeval" though, so I think you're still probably on to something.
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I've always called them "jupiter jumps". I'm not sure if that's a regional thing or not.
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