Moonbeam City: Glitzotrene: One Town’s Seduction
November 10, 2015 7:30 AM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

To prevent Mayor Eo Jaxxon (Powers Boothe) from dismantling Moonbeam City's police department and moving everyone to the fire department to work for Sizzle Conrad (Trace Adkins), the police cook up a drug epidemic to get national attention and become heroes once again.
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The episode was great, but the ending... *sigh*

I love the idea that the Fire Department are on permanent calendar mode with water jetpacks. And of course, the Police creates a synthetic drug to keep their jobs.

Some great gags along the way: the anarchist meeting, "shoot at the base of the flame, that's where the brains are!", "HOW CAN SHE AFFORD THOSE FRAMES ON A JUNIOR FLAMOLOGIST SALARY?", Rad on grum (and then on glitz),snorting glitz with her ear with a straw and drug lord power rankings.
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