Moonbeam City: Lasers and Liars
November 10, 2015 7:41 AM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The team gears up for the Laser Ball, except Dazzle is benched due to his latest fiasco, and Rad is going as a guest because he's one of the Moonbeam City elite, so it's up to Chrysalis to run security at the ball. Dazzle crashes the party and gets tangled in Pizzaz's hyper-wealthy (and despicable) family feud, while Rad's lies become increasingly ridiculous while trying to show off for his fellow rich men.
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Yes, that's Kevin McDonald as Accoutrement Miller, and Paget Brewster is both Charisma and Sophistica Miller, with Kate McKinnon as Panache Miller.
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I love how the show keeps doubling down on the ridiculousness. This time it's pumping lasers from the ground, and Rad might have even tripled down on that. Pizzaz got a pretty good episode, particularly after the shitshow that was the previous week's ending.

Also, Paget Brewster is a national treasure.
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I tried and failed to watch the pilot, finding it just unfunny. (Which is surprising, because I've made an FPP of one of Scott Gairdner's videos.) Does it hit a groove?
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It hits a few high points based on the ever-increasing ridiculousness of the situations (bowling alley animations are considered high art, the fire department looks like they're permanently posing to a calendar, mining precious lasers), and the animation has been improving.
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I like it, but I enjoy ridiculous things. I liked the ideas from the pilot, and I think there are some good riffs. I like this miserable Wille Forte here a lot more than Last Man on Earth, and this episode wasn't an exception.
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