Arrow: Lost Souls
November 12, 2015 11:19 AM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Team Arrow gears up to rescue Ray Palmer. Felicity and Oliver work out some issues with the help of Felicity's mom. Sarah struggles to control her bloodlust in the field.

The AV Club write up is pretty positive.
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Loved the infiltration/action scene. Caity Lotz is amazing and it was fun to see them stick to a plan. Echo Kellum is great, can't wait until he is suited up.

The effects of Atom were interesting, but I didn't like the topical references or the "iron deficiency' reference. Mostly I liked the shots of Damien Darhk through the mini-prison.

The AV club write-up makes a lot of points that I agree with. I've been annoyed at all the set-up for Legends of Tomorrow here and in the Flash but this somehow turned a bunch of set-up into a great episode. The multi-part action scene was much more interesting than the normal Arrow battles. I liked the relationship stuff with Oliver and Felicity, it felt pretty real. Some easy jokes about cooking etc. but the core of their conflict was interesting, a real conflict that a lot of couples go through. I hated the closing scene except for the "I always have a reason to drink, this is club soda" line which was on the nose by great. I'm just not interested in another romantic conflict. I guess I disliked the flirting between the campaign manager and Thea too, could have used more time showing Thea managing the campaign or being a supportive friend to Sarah and Laurel.

Anyone have any ideas about where they're going with the flashbacks? I like the set-up, it feels very much like a Batman story. Although he wouldn't have snapped that guys neck, he would have earned his trust.
posted by kittensofthenight at 11:31 AM on November 12, 2015

I should have said Echo Kellum is...Terrific.

(Also, was that base jumping? Looked like they just parachuted between two buildings.)
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The flash backs are leading up to Darkk's reason for being in Star City, the magical force the drug farmers are searching for is going to play a role in the end of the season.
Except for the Constantine part you could probably skip the flashbacks and not miss much.

Why does Oliver need a campaign manager? He's running unopposed.
But of course there needs to be an episode where a villain runs against him... Darkk? or maybe the Island guard.

Also, Sara shoots people and Thea shoots an arrow through someone's heart and no one cares, but when Sara breaks someone's neck they act concerned. Has she ever joined the 'no killing movement' Oliver started? She was an assassin, a couple more deaths shouldn't make much difference to her.
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I don't see Mr. Terrific in the cast list for Legends of Tomorrow so hopefully that means he's staying on Arrow? I really look forward to his character development.
posted by the webmistress at 12:27 PM on November 12, 2015

I know! She was in the League of ASSASSINS for years. The no killing rule is always so vague in this genre. Still, even in the logic of the show, Thea seems to have a handle on it. Sara would probably only have to take out a few more Hive foot soldiers and she'd be fine...

I hope the reveal of the magical macguffin is as fun as the Mirakuru/Amazo stuff from Season 2, which was a fun reference that really upped the stakes in the current timeline. I get that it plays into Darhk and his mystery box, just wondering if there's going to be a fun twist like the Amazo and Mirakuru.

I'm pretty sure Mr. Terrific is sticking around in Star City. They have been pretty blatant about the LoT cast. He's a great addition to the cast and his scenes with Felicity are legit charming, unlike her nerding out with Superman.
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I know Sara has to move on and I'm so happy to see Caity Lotz back full time even if it's not here, but the wangsting about killing the one guy didn't work for me. And I'm glad that Ray is back (and loved the Ollie & Felicity conflict leading up to it) but I feel like the buildup to Legends is really overwhelming, and I feel like there might be another crossover with Flash coming from plot reasons soon even if I didn't know there was one from the PR for the show. Also the clusterfuck of Lance and Felicity's mom along with the other impending romantic clusterfucks mentioned in this thread--well, I guess that will give us some things to do as B plots in the middle section of this season since we're not screwing around with keeping stupid secrets this year? Yay?
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That makes it sound like I didn't enjoy it (I did) but one of the fun parts of Arrow for me is watching all the pieces fit together. I'm really interested in how they do that. Legends and Flash really complicate that.
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I find it interesting how quickly they have pivoted from the gritty no-supes thing to fully in on the mysticism. I guess it's not too hard to reconcile Ollie's early disbelief about metahumans with his now-flashback-revealed experience with mystical shit but it is a little eyebrow-raising.
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I completely zone out during the flashbacks every week, period, unless they suddenly become relevant to the main plot.

"Why does Oliver need a campaign manager? He's running unopposed."
(a) optimism?
(b) Dahrk will probably run for mayor to be evil
(c) Gives Thea someone to date out of the blue, apparently?

Honestly, I like Ray. His nerding out face at the end was just adorable.
Also, Olicity as a couple are just so darned cute, actually working out their crap and Oliver being a decent boyfriend (albeit one who apparently can't so much stand up to her mom when her mom has an idea to visit, anyway). I like this show so much better when Oliver is in a good mood. Chatty Cathy, indeed!
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Caity Canary is best Canary.

I just looked at the cast list for LoT. I only watched a bit of The Flash but aren't a bunch of those people bad guys? Is this one of those bad-guys squads like Suicide Squad?
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That's the main reason I had a season pass on iTunes in previous seasons: I could put the captions on and watch all the island scenes and all the Laurel scenes at 2x without missing any dialogue.
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I'm not entirely sure why they're suddenly rankled by Sara killing people, either. Unless it's the unseemly, semi-pornographic satisfaction she's taking in it now, which, to be fair, is sorta troubling.
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I know this is totally out of continuity vis a vis the comics, but at the end of the episode I got really excited about the idea that Darhk is working for Apokolips, and is trying to reconstruct or reverse-engineer a Mother Box. Human-seeming with "magic" powers, a sinister agenda, grooming an entire sector of the planet for takeover... Darhk Side Is?
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Huh, I guess I'm in the minority here. I think there should be an entire show about the flashbacks. A lot of times I find them way more interesting than what team Arrow has to deal with, bad wig and all. They really show how the character develops, the brutality that he has to deal with and has to embrace to survive.

I think the campaign manager himself stated the reason when Oliver asked "I'm running unopposed, why do I need you?", which basically was that he still needed to get the city to like him and work with him once he becomes mayor. It was flimsy but I guess kind of true to how things work in real life. And giving us another side to Thea.
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Our family line on the flashbacks is "EXPLAIN THE BRATVA TATTOO OR GTFO."
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