Arrow: Brotherhood
November 19, 2015 9:10 AM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

A shocking revelation complicates the battle between Team Arrow and Damien Darhk; Thea loses control in front of Alex.
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Interesting note, the tea canister on Reiter's desk is region appropriate. It's Sunflower Brand Jasmine Tea, and is a common tea in Asia.
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Okay how was that note on his desk not a trap? It was obviously a trap to see if Lance would pass on that information to anyone, if anyone would show up at that address later. Damien Darhk is not the sort of dude who accidentally leaves notes like that lying around for people he doesn't trust to see.

Also, they had no reason to expect the brother to be at the docks there. It makes no sense to pitch that outing entirely in terms of "we'll get your brother!" and then Diggle to be mad later because "we nearly got killed going after my brother!" No. You were checking out a lead, and you weren't even doing anything other than reconnaissance when you got spotted. We the audience saw that the brother was there at this point because he pulled off his mask for no reason (I understand the TV reasons, but it still makes no sense). Did Oliver and Diggle see his face there? I'm not sure.

At least Laurel mildly called diggle out on his whole "No one can understand what it's like when you sibling lets everyone think they're dead for years and then re-appears as part of an evil organization" thing. "But he's a killer!" so is (or was) literally everyone you work with Dig.

Nothing about this episode makes any sense.
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there are many times when this whole show makes no sense. as is true in most tv shows. but we keep watching.
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I enjoyed it well enough but too many people were holding the idiot stick on that item on the desk. But I think the biggest would have to be the writers themselves, as what would it have hurt for Lance or Oliver to lampshade it a little with "given the suspicion we'll have to be careful it's not a trap" or something? Or maybe it means they think we're the ones holding the idiot stick...
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