Battlestar Galactica: Water   Rewatch 
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As President Laura Roslin makes a ceremonial visit to the Galactica, several explosions occur in the battlestar's potable water tanks, venting the bulk of its vital water stores into space.

Shortly before the explosions, Boomer, a Cylon sleeper agent with no conscious awareness of her status, comes to consciousness in an equipment room, soaking wet, with a bag of explosives at her feet.
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This episdode has a hard time trying to follow up on "33." It seems a little disjointed in parts and thus it is no surprise to learn that the original script was nearly 50% too long and the directors were force to find a way to jam it all into the time allotted.

The best points are all little romances:

1. Billy's adorably inept attempts to flirt with Duala
2. Baltar's much less inept attempts to flirt with Starbuck
3. Roslin beginning to woo Apollo
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A couple more thoughts. As I said before, "33" does a great job of setting up the pace of the series, with no rest between emergencies and everyone just getting stretched thinner and thinner as result. "Water" is similarly setting up some major themes that will be prevalent throughout the show. Particularly, it points out that the cylons are, at most, one third of Galactica's problem. The issue of keeping the civilian population under control and the issue of simple survival logistics as space refugees will require at least as much battling as the cylons themselves.

Also, I found Boomer's identity crisis sort of trying on the rewatch here, but I remember being captivated by her scenes on the first watch.
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I feel like in a small way this episode is an apology for Voyager, and Moore saying "Look, this time the fact they're in space cut off from all sources of aid is going to matter."

In the long run it sort of... Doesn't. But they made a much more concerted effort to make it a point they're stretched thin.
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