Farscape: A Clockwork Nebari   Rewatch 
November 17, 2015 11:50 PM - Season 2, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Moya is hijacked by two Nebari who administer a mind-cleansing drug to the entire crew, and plan on taking Chiana back to Nebari Prime. Crichton and Rygel, who are immune, must figure out a way to stop their captors before the Nebari reach their rendezvous.[via]
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First, wow, the Nebari get to be recognized as some of the evilest races in the whole freakin' galaxy. They are mass believers in a world where emotions are controlled, either by drugs or worse. The hinted at implications going back to Season One was simply, okay, it apparently sucks to live on a Nebari world, but now, it's extended to galactic domination. Yowch.

Speaking of Yowch, Two; the implanting of the Nebari devices on the eye nerves...hands down has to be one of the most disturbing and upsetting things shown on television outside of a premium channel. I mean, GEEZ! I had to look away, it was just wrong and painful, and ... gruesome.

Third, it's Scorpy to the rescue again! The great irony of Scorpy's rescue here is that he uses another form of mind swiping to make John ignorant of how he's resisting the Nebari drugs.

Fourth, Rygel. C'mon, Sparky! I'm with John, it's getting kind of tiresome how quickly Rygel will sell out for his own sake. It's a double-edged sword, he acts the way he does because he feels demeaned and ignored by others, but they treat him that way in part because of the way he acts. It kind of cheapens those times where it seems like he's rising above his previous life, so it's a stop and go character development.

Fifth, Chiana listens to her emotions and no one else. Brother: "Chiana, you can't come see me. I have told those who work for me not to bring you to me." Guy on side of brother: "I can't take you to see him." At end of the episode, Chiana "I'm coming with you to see my brother!" I forgive her on this, though.

I enjoyed how much having a pistol on her thigh represents Aeryn, but you do also have to wonder, why the heck do her and John continually walk around with pistols on their thighs? Is Moya really THAT dangerous? D'argo doesn't walk around with his blade all the time. Hrm.

This was a good, but painful episode to watch.
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Ugh, I just wrote a long post about Nebari badness (taking down the Zelbinion), accents (surfer dude, not so good), Scorpius saving John, and Rygel's lines (I'm nobody's puppet! ) and then I hit backspace at the wrong time and it's gone! Anyway, the main point is that when the Farscape movie happens (it's going to happen, right?), hopefully the Nebari contagion will be part of the story since I'm pretty sure it was planned for one of the future seasons that Rockne and David envisioned.
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Eggh, it's like they know how much eye things squick me out and keep doing nasty things to eyes just to upset me. (Okay, so it's probably a very common thing to be upset by.)
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Very common...it just means they're jerks. TOTAL AND COMPLETE JERKS.
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D'argo doesn't walk around with his blade all the time. Hrm.

He's always armed with his tongue, though. And he's much stronger than they are.
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