1979 film club - more movies added (also: hello)
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The 1979 film club is a thing!

A slew of 1979 movies have just been added, and I'm hoping to get more people on board for great discussions here at FanFare.

Here's the current list (subject to change):
The Great Santini [joseph conrad is fully awesome] - Thursday, Nov 19
Time After Time [joseph conrad is fully awesome] - Monday, Nov 23
Rock 'n' Roll High School [Sheydem-tants] - Saturday, Nov 28
The Electric Horseman [joseph conrad is fully awesome] - Monday, Nov 30
The Seduction of Joe Tynan [joseph conrad is fully awesome] - Thursday, Dec 3
That Sinking Feeling [joseph conrad is fully awesome] - Monday, Dec 7
Tim [joseph conrad is fully awesome] - Thursday, Dec 10
All That Jazz [up for grabs!] - Saturday, Dec 12
Quadrophenia [up for grabs!] - Jan 9, 2016
If you're looking to do a film for the club, el io offers up a great list of films in this comment, and here's a list of the most popular feature films released in 1979 from Amazon (h/t We had a deal, Kyle).

(If a film is already scheduled and 'claimed' that you love and would really like to post, do send me a memail, I can give it to you, no probs. Otherwise just feel free to schedule a film and place your name in brackets next to it, thanks.)

Original announcement for the 1979 club
The club tag: 1979_club
The 1979 film club 'homepage' - schedule an event here.
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome (5 comments total)
Oh man, Time After Time...or as my wife and I call it "The Rape of H.G. Wells, Spoon Thief".
posted by JauntyFedora at 6:38 PM on November 19, 2015

I put myself in for Quadrophenia if that's okay... (hope I did that right).
posted by El Brendano at 8:59 AM on November 20, 2015 [1 favorite]

That's more than okay THAT'S SUPER! (yep you did it right - thanks for your volunteering, look forward to it)
posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome at 9:02 PM on November 20, 2015

Oh man, I didn't realize how many awesome films came out in 1979!

Would love to put myself forward for Alien. I can also go back and add the club tag to Rocky II, which I posted sometime ago, if we want to include it.
posted by nubs at 9:00 AM on November 30, 2015

OK, Alien was done about a year ago, so I added some of the links I was doing for a post on it, and then tagged it for this club. Rocky II also tagged.
posted by nubs at 2:30 PM on January 16, 2016

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