Moonbeam City: Stuntzstravaganza
November 19, 2015 2:15 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

As Dazzle loses his #1 parking space to Rad in a tight street race, he turns to the only person that can help with the quintriple flip ‘n split stunt - his father Razzle (Adam West). As he ventures into the world of professional stuntmen, Rad can't find his parking stub, and the situation escalates from there.
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Decent use of Adam West, and while I liked some elements of the stunt men (their bar, The Break Away, was filled with break away props, and it has the stunt man credo on the wall: "The dumber the reason, the more it must be done"), but I'm with the AV Club review in that the rest felt kind of flat, and that Rad's b-plot was more fun.
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I think that's because Will Forte is incredible doing the "someone on the edge of realizing how pathetic he is" (as I've seen elsewhere) characters, and Rad isn't unlikeable or bad, he's just completely pathetic. Rad started the episode on a high note, then it got progressively worse.

One thing I think this episode nailed perfectly were the reaction shots. It's the first time in a while I feel like making GIFs
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Oh, also:

- Dazzle, I've been watching footage of your father's death!
- You sick freak. I always pegged you as a snuff fan.

It's just such a stupid throwaway line (unless, of course, it turns into another glasses running joke) and how Rob Lowe says it so naturally I crack everytime.
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