Star Wars Rebels: Blood Sisters
November 19, 2015 6:55 AM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Sabine and Ezra are sent on a mission to rendezvous with an important courier, only to find their task interrupted by a bounty hunter from Sabine's past, Ketsu. Also, Chopper breaks a weapon array.

  • Ketsu is voiced by Firefly alum, Gina Torres.
  • C-3PO was originally intended to be the courier droid, not EG-86, but was taken out as seen as overshadowing Sabine and Ketsu's interactions.
  • The Black Sun originated in Shadows of the Empire and was re-established as canon in The Clone Wars
  • Ketsu's starship, the Shadow Caster is a modified reuse of the Banshee developed for The Clone Wars. The ship never made it to Asaji Ventress due to the cancellation of the show, but the storyline was adapted into the Dark Disciple novel.
  • The starbus is a reuse of the Phoenix diplomatic vessel first seen in The Clone Wars, which itself was based on an early concept art of an Imperial shuttle. The technical name is Lantilian short hauler, as identified in the original Star Wars roleplaying game books. On the side of the starbus in large Aurebesh are the words, "Starbus" and then "Certified."
  • The according like docking tube is referred to in the script as a 'cofferdam.'
  • Hera's contact was originally named Jebble, but was changed to Vaux. Likewise, a label on the pick-up crates originally said "Wookie Meat," in the script, but was changed to "ronto meat."
  • The pilot of the starbus will look familiar to anyone who has ridden the Star Wars ride at Disney, Star Tours.
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Watching right now. Nice job by Chopper. I really dig the design of Ketsu's helmet.
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Was I the only one picking up some queer subtext between Sabine and Ketsu? I read Sabine as queer generally, but that might just be me hoping for more minorities in the SW 'verse.
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I probably need to watch the episode again to really comment with any self confidence to the question. It was definitely played that both women were extremely close to each other and did refer to each other as sister. Ketsu calls Sabine "little sister," at one point in the episode. We know they were both in the (an) Imperial Academy together and they absconded at the same time - and were inseparably up until Ketsu left Sabine behind for an unexplained reason. We also knew they both had the dream of joining the Black Sun.

I simply don't know enough about queer culture as to whether there's an accepted nomenclature toward using familial names with one another between partners. (As opposed to hetero relationships with the "Daddy" title usage?). So yeah, I haven't a clue. I can kinda see where you're coming from, though.

There is an openly gay character in Star Wars: Aftermath, one of the primary characters in the novel. And also a lesbian couple in the same book, but related to another of the primary characters. When it comes to the big or small screen, yeah, I'm not aware off the top of my head of any characters which meet that criteria, unfortunately. Given the success and generally approving reception of Korra and Asami from Legend of Korra, I wouldn't be surprised if a queer character eventually appeared on Rebels. Dave Filoni did a lot of directing work in the first season of Korra's predecessor show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I would find it highly unlikely he isn't aware of what that show's sequel went on to do.
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I had a giggle at every mention of "sister," because the relationship seemed closer to me than that, like the two had had a really acrimonious breakup. AFAIK (as a member of the queer community), it's not a term used at all between partners. I was thinking rather of Sailor Moon and how the lesbian couple were changed into cousins for the American dub, while all their romantic activities remained intact. All the queer subtext was included, but papered over with familial references. This episode has a similar feel.

The creative teams for Clone Wars and Rebels have certainly tried to be more inclusive of female characters and POC (although Star Wars still has a tendency to use alien species as a stand-in for POC), but we'll see if they start including gender and sexual minorities as well. I hope you're right, Atreides.
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There's going to be a third season!
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And that reminds me, I need to put up the latest episode!
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