America's Next Top Model: The Girl Who Made A Splash
November 20, 2015 7:51 PM - Season 22, Episode 15 - Subscribe

The final four do a great deal of actual modeling, and start to prep for the final runway show, where they are reunited with all the eliminated contestants (who totally know what Mikey and Mame did).
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They had the moms come back for the elimination because Mikey gets PISSED if he gets eliminated, and his mom's the only one who can un-hulk him.
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They were clearly doing a lot of timeline chopping near the end, as you'd see somebody in full makeup one second and then back in normal clothes the next second. I guess after 22 seasons you get lazy.

I was confused about the whole "presentation" thing, too- are they giving them right before the final runway show? With their Moms right there? Be careful, Tyra; some of those Moms look like they do not play.

I am embarrassed to say I am buying into Mikey's hype. I'm not wanting him to win, but I will be sad if he loses. He seems the most desperate for the cash.

I loved the storyline of bringing back the eliminated contestants without hiding the fact that they've all been sitting around together in a hotel room, sequestered until the season is over. Clearly they've formed a tight little mob. Poor Justin :( he handled his sadness about Mame's Mikey fling very maturely.
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I LOL'd when Mikey said he was right for the Zappos Exclusive brand because he's "expensive and classy" (or something like that). He looks like a skanky meth grifter who'd lift your wallet without a second thought. Mikey is the Anti-Class.

Apart from that, I found the episode boring, although I did like that the models all had to do the same thing at the motel, in the same clothes, which makes it easier to judge who's done well.
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I don't think Nyle is going to win but the way that the photographers talk about how much they love working with him will probably get him just as much work as if he had won.

I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention last week because I didn't remember that they were going to narrow it down to 1 man and 1 woman, but it's adding a bit more uncertainty.
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I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention last week because I didn't remember that they were going to narrow it down to 1 man and 1 woman, but it's adding a bit more uncertainty.

I watched the episodes back to back today and I didn't remember this at all. My dvr cut off the stay tuned for scenes from the next episode part, so I suppose it could have been in there. Thought I had just missed it but now I'm wondering if the editors (who yes, did some hilariously bad splicing in the timeline in this episode) are just getting lazy.
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Oh yeah the editing & other production values have clearly gone to pants since they announced the end of the show. They don't even do confessionals in the private booth anymore! It's all just on set. VEGAS was the exciting trip from Los Angeles. And it is all terribly boring, I agree. When "bringing moms in" is your Big Get two weeks in a row...yawn.

I feel sorry for Mikey (for reasons beyond his sleaziness): He talks like $100,000 will be enough to take care of him & his mom forever. I just want to shake him and be like: you're gonna need to pay $20k in taxes and then you're gonna blow the rest on muscle cars and buying beers for your friends and by like March 2016 it's all gonna be gone! Maybe they can set up Miss J as some type of Mikey-trustee.

In years past (before men were allowed) they have purposely eliminated models with a chance earlier, because she could just go and start modeling (Diane and Lisa in season 5; Mollie Sue in season 6; Samantha in 8; Kimberly in 9). Because that hasn't happened to Nyle I am concerned that he has little chance. I like Nyle a lot as a model, but I think the judges like Mikey more than Nyle.
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They threw on the "1 boy, 1 girl finale" at the last minute. I hate when reality shows throw in a surprise twist at the end, it always reeks of desperation that the show wasn't going the way they wanted and they needed to correct it.
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I really think they're going to pick Mikey as the guy, and that sucks. I love Nyle so much more as a person and as a model. I love how Mikey was like, "Nyle only has one look," when to me, Mikey is the most one look model out of the 4. His look is basically "90s rockstar." Some of his photos are good, but I don't think he's that diverse in his facial expressions, and his overall vibe is very one dimensional.

But Nyle! Nyle is sexy, and he can also do a refined GQ-style vibe, and he can do more fun, interesting Nylon stuff too. TEAM NYLE all the way.

Out of the girls, I'm torn. I think Mame has a lot going for her, especially as a high fashion and runway model, but in this competition, overall, I think Lacey has been doing a better job. So I guess out of the girls, right now I am leaning a bit more towards team Lacey. (I'm also annoyed with Mame's stupid thing with sleazy Mikey, so maybe that's coloring my judgment here. Poor Justin.)

As far as who Tyra will actually pick, I'd say probably Mame and Mikey. Tyra seems to love Mikey so much. Also, Mame totally didn't have the best photo last week, so I'm inclined to think Tyra has decided she's the girl who should go to the finals.

But then overall winner will probably be Mikey, which is frustrating, because I would be cool with any of the other three winning. But mostly I just want Nyle to win.
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This week's episode was clearly designed for two pairs, so it's kind of lucky that they ended up with a tie at the end of the last episode and had to keep both people, am I right?
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Because that hasn't happened to Nyle I am concerned that he has little chance.

...which is kind of weird, since he already is out there modeling. I've stumbled across pictures of him in runway shows.
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