Grimm: Maiden Quest
November 20, 2015 7:34 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

A wealthy mobster entices three young men to work for his daughter's hand in marriage; a surprise visitor shakes things up as Adalind and Nick struggle to adjust to home life.

"After three days and nights, whoever tries and does not succeed shall be put to death." -The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Brothers Grimm
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I wasn't that surprised by the twist of Emily being the killer, but they did get me with the twist that her father wanted it that way all along. It was funny having an 'awwww, that's really sweet' shmoopy father/daughter moment over multiple homicides. Kind of a nice counterpoint to the Wesen father & daughter in last season's Iron Hans episode.

Glad Trubel's back at last, hope we get a major exposition dump next episode.
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"I want him dead" said many times during this episode; also, wasn't the daughter in Hannibal? I recognized her.

Does anyone care about the whole royalty plotline? I kind of tune in just for the fight sequences, Wesen woging (woge definition), and light-hearted jokey moments.
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I don't get why the suitors didn't woge when attacked. Wouldn't your average Wesen do so almost involuntarily in such circumstances?
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I don't understand the royalty plotline to this day. Are they royal wesen? How are they tied to them? Are these royalty that everyone not in the know about vesen even know about? Or are they like, the equivalent of the royal families of Monaco or whatever?

While I appreciate greatly that this was a "girl starts offing the suitors because maiden questing is stoopid in 2015" plot, making her dad be all "oh, wait, that was the actual plan" You planned on having all three suitors and possibly Frankie offed to prove that she can run your crime syndicate? WHAT? Oh yeah, and "we're not gonna arrest you because you were defending Frankie, but we'll totally arrest your dad" was another "I don't think that's how policing works" moment.

I was amused at poor Frankie's nervous breakdown throughout the episode, though.

In other news, Adalind somehow having no clothes and having to wear Nick's shirt with no pants and she wants him to sleep with them every night... *eye-roll* Not yet, show. We're already adjusting to "both of y'all have been trying to off the other's friends/family and took away each other's powers and now you have a baby" situation without going to being scantily clad.
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The daughter was a prominent character on the Ducovney showtime series. I couldn't place it until just now reading the thread but it bugged me through the whole episode. Californication. I believe she was a conquest who turned out to be younger than she claimed or the like.
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Ok, ok, Adalind and Nick are going to sleep together, it's inevitable. Again, I mean. And I still half-think Juliette is going to come back and walk in on them just as they are about to. Maybe as a cliff-hanger. With a witty quote on the screen before the credits. :-)

But don't make Adalind all doe eyed and gushy, oh you big strong Grimm, thank you for protecting me and my baby. Let her kick ass too! And then they should sleep together.

A decent episode, better than last week. And I hope Truble's story is a good one. How did she find them anyway? I'm unclear who knows where Nick, et al are living. It sounded like Rosalee did.
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I don't get why the suitors didn't woge when attacked. Wouldn't your average Wesen do so almost involuntarily in such circumstances?

Headcanon -- that drink that Dad made every suitor drink was intended to prevent just that, as a side-effect of slowing their reflexes (he wanted to test his daughter, not kill her).
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I don't want any connection with the old house or anything related to that situation. Well, except for this car.
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Madeline Zima was not only on Californication, she was also in the first season of Heroes.

The "here's what's going on this season on Grimm" preview after the first episode showed Truble getting yelled by Nick for going behind his back, so I feel like the Resistance has her spying on him now.

Maybe I'm too desensitized, but if I saw actual Wesens woging in real life I don't think I'd be as freaked out and curled into fetal position as that mobster guy.
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I think they earned that pretty well, actually, with him getting increasingly stressed and freaked out as the incidents progressed. Repeated attempts on your life - at your place of business and your home, even - has got to be plenty freakout-inspiring all by itself.
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Adalind somehow having no clothes and having to wear Nick's shirt with no pants and she wants him to sleep with them every night... *eye-roll*

Yeah, me too, because I think the show is actually not doing too bad a job at showing a slow-growing intimacy between Nick and Adalind just as a result of caring for Kelly and their living together. We certainly didn't need a "Golly I haz no pants" this early.
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