Farscape: Liars, Guns, and Money (Part 2): With Friends Like These   Rewatch 
November 24, 2015 11:57 PM - Season 2, Episode 20 - Subscribe

With Jothee in Scorpius' hands, the crew of Moya recruit several former enemies to raid the Shadow Depository.[via]
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In this episode, money ends up burning a hole in Moya's pockets... ahem. Sorry.

Round two! It's your 'get the gang back together, if your gang are a bunch of people who tried to kill or capture you in the past.' I admit, it was fun visiting back again with these past characters, particularly our kidnapper/extortionist cum devout follower of a peaceful religion (I'm a bit tired this morning, names are eluding me like gnats).

Probably the best part was Rygel encountering his old nemesis again. I loved Rygel continuing on his process of owning his original fear of his torturer and building on his overcoming of it from the last time.

Missed analogy - "Pilot, we have to cauterize the wound!" Sorry, Zahn, you missed that one.

"Jon, was there ever any question?"
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This episode isn't quite as fun as the other ones since everyone is scattered to go get their respective mercenaries. I do like that Rygel takes care of Durka once and for all! I find D'Argo to be super-annoying in this trilogy. He basically blames John for everything going wrong or "not supporting" him when John is just trying to be smart (for a change) about the plan! I know that he is desperate to find his son, but he's a big jerk in the process. The ending is heartbreaking and, again, Claudia Black shows how awesome she is with just the change in her expression when she realizes that John has traded himself for Jothee. I could watch her emote all day!
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Forgot to mention all of the Young Frankenstein references: Frau Blucher!
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