River: Episode 2
November 26, 2015 9:32 AM - Season 1, Episode 2 - Subscribe

At Stevie’s wake, River has to deal with her estranged brother Jimmy and other family members. River is assaulted by the pregnant girlfriend of the man he had chased to his death, whose guilt he has begun to doubt.
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This episode has so many more examples of why it would have been nice to see River in his prime. He's a hell of a detective even with his dementia.
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The best part of this show is Stellan Skarsgård. His anguished speech to the psychologist about how there is no place in this world for people who are awkward and different, and having no friends because the one friend he had was dead--it really tore my heart out. I spend a lot of this show just wanting to give him a hug.
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It took me a while to get back to this but now I am hooked. In a lighter note, I wasn't familiar with the songs that have been featured in the first two episodes but googling the lyrics brought me to their respective YouTube pages along with bunch of other people who likewise googled them after watching River.
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