Empire: Sinned Against
November 26, 2015 8:24 AM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

Lucious is still working on that business deal. Cookie has family drama and boyfriend drama. Hakeem has stalker two night stand drama. Jamal has adorable chemistry with a girl, and Rhondre have a new house.

I'm kinda keeping it short tonight--I'm tired and will probably have to get up way too early in the morning.

Team Lucious: Blah blah Splitstream deal some more. However will Lucious get together enough money for that? (Note: buying one of your kids a house is probably not going to help this.) Andre helpfully suggests suggests forfeiting future royalties for cash on hand--use Lucious's old music as collateral. Unfortunately, Cookie owns half the publishing rights, and the most valuable ones, and she's not dumb enough to give up future income.

Andre's next idea is to start selling off shit like the fashion line, the sports whatever. Lucious doesn't want to give up pieces of the Empire, but after he meets Lee Daniels (hah, directing the Pepsi video) and Lee has no interest in putting Lucious in it and calls Jamal the future, Lucious decides to sell so he can stay up to date.

In other news, while bugging Cookie about that deal, he meets her new boy toy Laz, smells a rat (also drops a few insults and wine on the floor), and finds out that Laz is in the 125th Street Bulls and they pull this extortion crap. Cookie rips Laz's shirt open a bit to prove his tattoo. Laz claims he was in love with her, but Cookie pulls a gun on him and then leaves with Hakeem. Thanks, Lucious.

Team Cookie: Cookie and Candace stalk the mean streets of Philly in elaborate outfits (get your hands off my fur!) looking for Carol. Cookie eventually calls her old cellie Pepper (Rosie O'Donnell, now running a cupcake store) for help and Pepper helps them track Carol down on the street with some nasty dude. Oh yeah, and Cookie considers her jail friends her true sisters, and says so in front of Candace. Carol charmingly pukes on Candace's shoes. Carol agrees to go with Cookie and leave her kids with Candace, but after Cookie goes to the bathroom Candace says something about what Carol did when Cookie was out in jail.

Also, Cookie's given name is Loretha?! Seriously?! You name your other kids Carol and Candace and then you have Loretha?! That does not fit.

Cookie is upset at Laz's betrayal, and later tells Carol she needs to go to rehab and they mention something about "Jermel" and what happened with him is their fault.

Team Hakeem: Cookie's Cookout is sold out and they're working on a second night, and Laz and Hakeem are getting along...for now. (Though Laz had to pull a gun on his gang and says he might be having some problems with the venue for night two. Uh-huh.) Likewise, he and Laura are doing a pretty dang hot song together.
Lucious calls up Hakeem and wants to give him part of the streaming biz...if Hakeem will sign with Empire and take his last name back. Hey, I reward loyalty, I just bought Andre a house. But Hakeem cannot be bought!

Team Rhondre: Lucious is a sucker for babies (and moving on to the next generation since Hakeem is pissing him off), so he buys Rhondre a six-bedroom house in Long Island. Lucious actually says nice things to Andre and they hug, too.
Later, Rhonda has Anika over and tells her the "ponytail" story about how she cut off the ponytail of some girl who was all over Andre. You gotta fight for who you want...I don't think it's a good idea for these two to hang out together.

Team Anika: While I guess Laura survived her car trip home all right, Anika has now wandered into stalker territory. She tells Rhonda she's in love with some musician Rhonda doesn't know, but after their little talk Anika is inspired to strut into a party of Hakeem's and insult Laura and generally be obnoxious. Hakeem is all, wtf? He calls her to come over later and Anika is all "you're so totally secretly in love with me, you call me when you need somebody" and Hakeem is all, no, not in love with you AND "You will never be one of us. You will never be a Lyon. Ever." Oh boy. HATE HER PLOTLINE SO MUCH.

Team Jamal: Everything's coming up Jamal, as he's now going to do a song with the lovely purple-haired Skye Summers, who he claims to be the OG fan of. Seriously, DUDE HAS A CRUSH and it's obvious, gay or not. The two of them bond, as Skye is looking to "break out of her box" and hopes that working with the Lyon boyz will do that. They write a lovely song called "Powerful" and then...hey, surprise kiss at the end! Surprise, Jamal is bi! And...well, darn it, they were just so cute in this episode.


Quote Corner:'
"Lyon Dynasty, my black ass." -Lucious
"It's nice to see you sleeping your way to the bottom." (spills wine) "Good thing you got your maid in here to clean it up." -Lucious on Laz.

Fashion Corner:
Cookie's red fur and weird black jacket...just reminding me of Michael Jackson this episode.
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