The Adventure Zone: Ep. 28. Lunar Interlude II: Internal Affairs
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Our heroes return to the Bureau of Balance's moonbase after a job kind-of well done. They've got a lot waiting for them: A heated debrief, a major change in the payroll and, of course, a visit to everyone's favorite fantasy bulk shopping outlet. Magnus makes a tentacle connection. Merle gets Zone of Truth-blocked. Taako really just wants to get down on some Quiznos.
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Primarily this was just business, but they did advance the Bureau of Balance narrative in an intriguing way that will set up future stories. Sometimes it feels like Clint is doing a little bit of meta-gaming when he gets suspicious, but I'll chalk that up as a Merle character trait.

I love the Fantasy Costco jingle. In fact, praise all-around for the incorporation of sound effects/music in their adventuring lately, it really adds a lot to the listening experience. And hurrah for more Angus, boy detective. Their new equipment sounds pretty awesome too (gotta love the potential of an anti-gravity sphere, even if it's only good for one use).

So, pretty solid episode for me. I'm already tired of waiting for the next episode!
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I quite enjoy these little interstitial bits.
I like the distribution of interesting loot. The nitpicker is genius, but I do wonder if it puts a lot of overhead on Griffin to perform it.

I liked Justin congratulating Griffin on his excellent DMing. That was nice.
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Seconding how phenomenal the music was in this and the previous ep (Griffin's vine about it is pretty good).

Also, the shield of heroic memories is the coolest thing ever, and I feel like Travis is the perfect person to have it. I hope he lies to it.
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Travis' immediate declaration that he now owns Angus was typically obnoxious, unyielding, and hilarious. The high point was when Travis said he was going to write Angus on his inventory sheet.
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The voidfish sounds, especially the first cry, was suitably creepy.
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Also, the shield of heroic memories is the coolest thing ever, and I feel like Travis is the perfect person to have it. I hope he lies to it.

That was a terrific item, and I just have a feeling that Travis is going to end up wiping it clean at least once. The added music is so much fun. Fantasy Costco plus Garfield the Deals Warlock is wonderful. As someone who always watches the last twenty minutes of Close Encounters whenever it's on, I am super excited for the voidfish's new ability to communicate.
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These were some of the most solidly awesome items I've ever seen (er, heard) in a D&D campaign. I can't wait for them to get used.
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There's the old McElroys steamrolling NPCs with their antics that we all missed.
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