Adventure Time: The More You Moe, the Moe You Know (Part 1)+(Part 2)
December 4, 2015 1:38 PM - Season 7, Episode 14 - Subscribe

Moe visits the tree house with a special birthday surprise for BMO. While BMO's mission stands on the brink of disaster, Finn and Jake host a strange guest.
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At the end we see that Mo created the Sleeping Fire Giants

Princess bubblegum has an experimental weather machine, which to the Ice and fire kingdoms would be the equivalent of a WMD.

The mo-iverse has been condensed into a cube, I was hoping it would be explored more.
Looks like they couldn't get Aziz Ansari to play DMO again.
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Continuing, obviously, the season 7 theme of the passage to adulthood. Even though BMO's quest was fake, it still doesn't prevent the change from happening, because change is going to happen anyway.
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Between this and Stakes, it sort of feels like AT is starting to roll up the carpet, wrapping up story-lines as it heads to a conclusion.
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Nah. Stakes was great, but it revealed surprisingly little backstory for an eight-part miniseries, and ended by returning the show to the status quo it had abandoned at the end of last season. Adventure Time makes CN a boatload of money, and I think their biggest problem will be finding ways not to conclude.
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This was a really very good piece of entertainment. Great job.
"Or maybe I'm too grown up. I think just killed someone."

Themes about what it means to be grown up and how nothing is never not bananas all the time were resonant to me.
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Jake's whole "Okay, BMO. Sorry your birthday got weird!" was somehow to me even funnier than everything that had gone before.
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I wish I could shrink and hide in a coffee cup when parties get awkward.
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