Grimm: Rat King
December 4, 2015 7:56 PM - Season 5, Episode 5 - Subscribe

An encounter with the mythical Rat King leaves two dead; Trubel is wounded and taken to the hospital; Nick meets Meisner.

"Rats! They fought the dogs, and killed the cats..." - The Pied Piper of Hamlin - Robert Browning
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Nick leaving Trubel at the hospital unprotected has gotta be right up there with "let's put all our hexenbeist-suppression potion into this glass container and give it to Juliette to drink voluntarily" in the top ten list of Grimm characters carrying the Idiot Ball. No idea where she's been all this time, no idea who beat her up, but somehow he thinks it's fine to just leave her at the hospital and not bother telling anyone on Team Grimm that she's there. The entire series started with Aunt Marie getting attacked multiple times in the hospital, for goodness sake. They could still have had the Nick & Meisner vs the Occultatum Libera ending if it had been Wu standing guard, since he could be deceived/overpowered.
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"You know, there really are no winners here..."
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I haven't even finished watching this yet, and I've already decided to watch it again Sunday night after Walking Dead just as a palette cleanser.

Also super jazzed that Rosalie finally got to gnaw on that earlier episode.
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And Grimm continues to keep all the real action offscreen in favor of a monster-of-the-week police procedural! Whatever, it's a network drama. If this just had normal police it'd be a serial killer or something.

"Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak Reinigen stronger!"
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I think my favorite part of this episode is Nick and Meisner acknowledging each other in the middle of the fight in a "oh we finally meet" sort of way.

Also, I'm super curious now about Meisner background and how he came to be able to fight like a Grimm, assuming he's not one.
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Yeah, I actually got distracted during the whole episode thinking, "Nick and Meisner . . . . . haven't met? . . . . . Really? . . . . . No . . . wait . . . Really? . . . . . . never? . . . . . . . "

I tend to agree with the AV Club review - I kinda wish this episode had swung either more Rat King/Reinigen vs. Klaustreichs and less larger plot (the show can be really strong when it has Wesen society serve as a metaphor for human society), or gone with all Trubel/Meisner stuff and let the monster-of-the-week element go hang. Trying to have both in equal proportion short-changed both elements.
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