The Man in the High Castle: Revelations
December 7, 2015 12:41 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Joe is increasingly torn between duty and his growing feelings for Juliana. While Ed tries to stop Frank from making an irrevocable decision, Smith's investigation is interrupted when he has trouble with his witness, and Tagomi's plan goes awry as events take a dramatic turn at the Crown Prince's speech.
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I don't quite understand the Tagomi subplot. What exactly are he and Wegener trying to accomplish?
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They are very vague about their intentions and I'm not sure if the mystery really pays off.

For me the best part of this episode is Smith and the high prisoner. I really enjoy the performance the actor gives (in every episode) and love the absurdity of his straightlace military stoicism against some dude on LSD (or similar).
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> Tagomi/Wegener

Trying to get plans for the A-bomb to the Japanese so the Reich can't kick Japan out of the Pacific States?
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Trying to get plans for the A-bomb to the Japanese so the Reich can't kick Japan out of the Pacific States?

That was my interpretation as well — the microfilm appeared to have some physics-ish stuff on it.
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The best friend, Ed? is now officially annoying. How many times is he going to rush in and try to stop Frank? And when Julianna telephones from Canon City, he tells her to get right back before Frank does something stupid. Unless that bus can travel at the speed of light, I'm not sure why he thinks she can help.

Yes, someone beat Frank to the punch but still. It seems like the characters are ping-ponging around. It was cool how they fooled the marshal but they went back to town afterwards!
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Holy shit, Frank has the worst luck ever. So now, he's decided not to try and assassinate the prince, but has been spotted in a crowd of loyalists after someone did shoot him carrying a handgun.

Yikes, Frank.
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