Pretty Little Liars: Of Late I Think Of Rosewood
January 20, 2016 1:15 PM - Season 6, Episode 12 - Subscribe

In the winter premiere, the ladies return to Rosewood after five years when they are summoned by a court to attend a hearing about A.
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Sorry about the crap intro - this is my first FanFare post, so I just cribbed the episode description from ABC. Or sorry, "Freeform."
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Two episodes in, I'm liking this season way more than I thought I would. At least everything is making sense so far, though that could all go out the window at any second.
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Things I liked: Ezra and Aria getting some real distance and having lives without each other. I've always loved them as a couple but also hated them as a couple because of the power dynamics. If they are ever to work they always needed to get away from who they were and figure out who they are. That said, what have we learned from PLL? If you don't see a body, they're not dead, and sometimes not even then. Nicole is totally alive and will re appear at the least convenient time.

Things I hated: Emily's dad being killed in action. That just seems like the most bullshit thing ever and unnecessary. Even if they couldn't have gotten the actor back, he could just be deployed.

Also what is with Spencer and Caleb?
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