Pretty Little Liars: Charlotte's Web
January 21, 2016 4:18 PM - Season 6, Episode 12 - Subscribe

Aria starts to look suspicious as she immediately heads back to Boston; Emily continues to lie about her life in California; and the ladies find themselves in familiar territory. Meanwhile, Alison keeps a close eye on her friends.
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I have to say that I am /not/ loving the "Sara-as-Jenna" direct comparisons. Like, fucking really? Once again there are mysterious "what did we do to her?" moments and once again she has some sort of disabling condition as a result that everyone's terrified of the police getting a hold of? No. This part is the most painful yet and seems like a weird attempt at a reset.

Ezra and Aria are the least surprising thing ever, and I am genuinely shocked that none of the other Liars could figure that one out.

I also note those photos of Nicole's body don't seem to show her face clearly - which means I stick to my 'she's coming back at the least convenient time' bit.

I actually would be really excited if they take Ezra to a dark enough place that he could be murdering to protect Aria, but the fact that he's being brought up on Episode 2 of the new season half means that he is 100% not responsible.
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