Pretty Little Liars: Till Death Do Us Part
June 28, 2017 8:45 AM - Season 7, Episode 20 - Subscribe

We finally learn A.D.'s identity.

Ezra and Aria are getting ready for their wedding when he goes missing. Spencer meets with Mary in prison but is attacked by Mona and when she wakes comes face to face with her twin sister, Alex Drake, "A.D.". Alex reveals that she met Wren at a bar in England where he later introduced her to Charlotte whom she had a close relationship with. After learning about her fateful murder, she came to Rosewood to avenge her death. With Mona's help, the Liars find Spencer and Ezra in an underground bunker where they meet Alex. Toby holds Spencer and Alex at gun point and asks one to recite Spencer's favorite poem from the book she gave him. Spencer recites it and Alex is arrested. Alison proposes to Emily who accepts. The Liars are gathered for the last time where Hanna happily announces that she and Caleb are expecting, Aria and Ezra reveal they are going to visit an adoption agency after their honeymoon. The girls celebrate but later exchange goodbyes. Mona, now in France, has imprisoned Mary and Alex dressed up as dolls thus revealing that she has won the "A" game.
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Ezra and Aria are getting ready for their wedding

Ugh. I'm so glad I got off this trainwreck.
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Did they show the wedding? Did it have any mazes? I jumped ship shortly after the timejump.
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They showed the wedding. There were no mazes per se, but the aforementioned underground bunker was fairly complex.

I liked it a lot, but I find that to be an unpopular opinion, and engaging with people who hate stuff I like isn't very enjoyable, so I mostly stay away from online discussions of it. But.... if anyone else actually enjoyed it, I'd be happy to discuss.
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I enjoyed it too! Prestige television it's not, but it's been a fun and gloriously absurd ride. I watched it with a gathering of five other grown adult women who were similarly PLL-obsessed.
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I did not expect the finale to make sense or be good, so I got what I expected. The show has only gotten more absurd each season, especially since the doll house stuff. And if The X-Files and Lost wouldn't explain all the mysteries they set up, we couldn't expect Pretty Little Liars would.

Troian Bellisario salvaged it. She's a much better actress than the writers deserved.
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Troian did a pretty nice job directing an episode too!
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I liked it a lot, but I find that to be an unpopular opinion, and engaging with people who hate stuff I like isn't very enjoyable, so I mostly stay away from online discussions of it.

For the record, I watched and enjoyed a lot of PLL, but got off because I wasn't going to invest my life in a show with another evil trans character. I definitely didn't hate it, since I invested 130 hours of my life in watching it. I wasn't intending just to trash it, but rather to complain about their handling of the Aria/Ezra relationship which has always been terrible (to me); it's been tone deaf to the problems with teacher student relationships more or less continuously from the beginning* and centering the finale around their wedding just drives that home.

*Riverdale handles this A LOT better
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So glad this is finally over so I can stop thinking about it!

I enjoyed the finale despite all the problems fans are complaining about everywhere but here. I was not expecting much, so what I got was fun.

Something I missed but that a PLL redditor picked up is that Mona says she called 911 and a only a single 'cop' shows up, but he's really not a cop, he's the boyfriend we see in what should have been the final scene.

My biggest problem with the finale is the shoehorning in of spinoff characters and the final scene not being Mona's glorious and triumphant face, but instead a weak retread of That Night. Addison has none of Alison's charm and I do not care where she is.

Favorite bits - Jenna's Chekhov's nose (and her great line about smelling a bitch), Wren is a gem, Wine Moms remembering getting out of the basement but not telling us the details, Melissa!, Emily in a skirt, Lucas tap dancing.

The show in its entirety is problematic and there were many questions left unanswered and lingering weirdness, but my least favorite parts of the finale were Marlene's cameo, Alex's 'accent', CeCe's Vivian Darkbloom wig (bag of hair?), and the lack of Mike Montgomery and Jason DiLaurentis.

I have more feels and opinions if anyone wants to chat some more about this absurdist awful masterpiece of a show that I both love and hate!
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Until proven otherwise, my head canon is that Alison re-kindled her inner sociopath at the end of the show and was responsible for kidnapping/burying/killing Addison.
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