Call the Midwife?
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I made a post for the christmas special but it didn't get any response. I did post significantly after the special had aired, plus holiday effects, so it's possible there was a timing issue. We're in the new season now, and I could keep making posts, but is there interest? Honestly, it's a shame if no one's watching, because I think it's really hit a good stride lately.
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This is one of those shows that I watch and have nothing of substance to say about afterwards. I don't know if that is accurate for anyone else but. I do appreciate that the posts on here remind me that the show is still going.
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I get Call the Midwife through Netflix (and I'm planning to get the new season through iTunes when it comes out in the US) but I haven't seen the Christmas special from last Christmas yet. Alas.
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I love it, and enjoyed the Christmas special, and fretted over Sister Monica Joan (and also worried that either Barbara or Tom would choke on those lollipop sticks while on the bus, because I worry about lollipop-consumption while on modes of transportation). However, we're not getting Season 5 here until, I think the summer, so I'm going to try to stay unspoiled. But I'd happily chime in on any prior eps.

I think it's remarkable, and though I miss the verve of the earlier seasons, I'm always happy to talk about it. (And to admit that I was quite far into the series before I realized they were protestant nuns. I had no idea such a thing existed.)
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I got through most of the first season but just couldn't face any more deliveries or wobbly bike rides.
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