So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 Perform
August 14, 2014 6:11 PM - Season 11, Episode 12 - Subscribe

The Top 8 perform with the All-Stars, with judges Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, and guest judge Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Guest performance by dance crew Control Freakz.

Bottom 4: Tanisha, Jacque, Rudy, and Casey

Top 8 Group Routine: "A Place With No Name," choreographed by Travis Payne

Ricky and Jaimie: Contemporary, "Smile," choreographed by Travis Wall

Valerie and Ryan: Samba, "Wanna Be Startin' Something," choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux

Casey and Comfort: Hip Hop, "Xscape," choreographed by Christopher "Pharside" Jennings and Krystal "Phoenix" Meraz

Tanisha and Nick: Contemporary, "She's Out of My Life," choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Rudy and Allison: Contemporary, "Dirty Diana," choreographed by Ray Leeper

Zack and Mackenzie: Broadway, "The Way You Make Me Feel," choreographed by Spencer Liff

Jacque and Twitch: Hip Hop, "Slave to the Rhythm," choreographed by Dave Scott

Jessica and Will: Contemporary, "Earth Song," choreographed by Mandy Moore


Tanisha and Rudy were eliminated this week.
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There were so many great performances this week, and yet the whole thing felt off which I put down to the whole extended-infomercial for the new Michael Jackson record thing.

The theme of the episode seemed particularly icky given that Wade Robson used to be a regular choreographer on SYTYCD. It is inevitable that Michael Jackson will inspire some routines on SYTYCD, but to dedicate the show to Jackson knowing Robson's history with him is really distasteful. Shame because the show is usually really good with supporting/collaborating with its alumni.
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dumdidumdum: I was thinking that same thing throughout the show. Wade Robson contributed so much to the early seasons and must have felt like the show was a slap in the face.

I liked a lot of the performances this week, but I felt in general the judges were way too effusive with their praise tonight. For instance, I like Valerie but there were moments in her samba that were not good at all. It was obvious even to someone like me who is not an expert.

Also, 4 contemporary routines and a Broadway routine is not enough variety. I think that is why the show felt odd. I liked most of the routines, but the show needs to mix things up a little more.

I am also constantly struck by the weird way the show treats the All-stars. They don't get to stay on stage after the dance and the judges will mention them sometimes but not others. For instance, I thought last week Ryan was amazing with Tanisha, and this week really helped carry Valerie and he did not rate a mention.

I was sad to see Tanisha go. She was my favorite woman left in the competition.
posted by bove at 8:26 AM on August 15, 2014

Tanisha going home was a crime & thought she was head & shoulders more compelling than Jessica & Jacque.
Delighted to see Ricky & Zack still in it and hope that they make the final two.
posted by pointystick at 11:00 AM on August 15, 2014

Yeah, I think the way the judges treat the All-Stars is still kind of awkward. It seems to be a bit of a thankless role sometimes. I'm sure there's pressure not to totally eclipse the dancer that's actually competing. In Allison and Rudy's dance for example, I was definitely not paying much attention to Rudy at all, my eyes were riveted on Allison. She's a stunning dancer, and it seems like her routines with the competing dancers either showcase and complement her partner beautifully, or she just completely outshines them. Rudy was totally outshined, being more or less a forklift in his routine last night.

I thought this show had some strong dances, but I too felt like something was off thanks to the combination of too much contemporary and the all Michael Jackson music choices.
posted by yasaman at 1:09 PM on August 15, 2014

I was also a little surprised they didn't even mention that Allison is becoming one of the pros for Dancing with the Stars. She isn't a ballroom dancer, but from what I have read it is her turn on SYTYCD that prompted her to take ballroom classes and get good enough to be a pro on that show.
posted by bove at 1:44 PM on August 15, 2014

I'm pretty frustrated that Tanisha went home. She's been consistently excellent and versatile in a way that I don't think any of the other girls have, and has spend a lot less time in her comfort zone than the other girls. I love Jessica, but it's getting boring seeing her excel at contemporary or jazz or exceptionally jazzy hip hop every week. And Valerie's been great, and stretched and improved significantly, but really - compare Valerie's jazz from last week and Tanisha's tango.

I found this week pretty boring. Zach was really the only dancer who stood out to me this week, though I was very excited to see Will back (unsure about his costume, though I LOVED Jessica's dress). I was sad that neither Jaime nor Nick are up to anything more lucrative/interesting than being all stars on SYTYCD.
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