Sleepy Hollow: Kindred Spirits
February 20, 2016 3:49 PM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

The Kindred returns as a new threat while Abbie, Crane and Jenny try to find normalcy; Crane realizes his romantic encounters with Zoe might have long-lasting impact.
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Love was in the air with this very special Valentine's Day (week) holiday episode!
posted by Pryde at 4:09 PM on February 20, 2016

This was a good, tight episode. Loved the idea of resurrecting an undead love for the Kindred.
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I didn't realize until reading the AV Club recap that The Hidden One killed the Kindreds at the end, totally zoned out during his & Pandora's scenes.

Nice to FINALLY get some Abbie/Crane one-on-one time. And glad that they wrote Zoe out without fridging her, though the conveniently-timed fainting was pretty silly looking. Now if they could just get rid of Betsy Ross, this countdown to cancelation could go out strong.
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At the risk of outing myself as the shipper I am (and always shall be), the combination of Zoe noting that she thinks Crane's ready for a relationship, just not with her, and Crane saying, "We're a succulent family now!" made my heart sing. (Of course, there was Danny saying that he'd loved Abbie, and her having to unpack that statement, but I'm looking away.)
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"that was odd" sums it up.
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The part of this ep that I enjoyed the absolute most was just after Sexy God Peter Mensah exploded the Kindred & Kindrette, and the camera went from an overhead shot to a lateral one so it looked like he was just shouting angrily at a hot tub in a tacky grotto.
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I am finally caught up as of last night and I have to say overall this season is a huge improvement over Season 2, but still weaker than Season 1.

It seems like Pandora is gearing up for a power grab doesn't it?

I am so glad they did not kill Zoe and had her just unambiguously "nope" out of a relationship with Ichabod "I am really attached to my roommate" Crane.

It was sad to see The Kindred killing people and then being destroyed just as he was walking off into the moonlight with his Frankenbride.
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