Sleepy Hollow: Incident at Stone Manor
February 14, 2016 7:04 AM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Crane sends his astral self out in search of Abbie; Sophie enlists Jenny and Joe to help fight a murderous gargoyle.
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Jenny & Joe's 'this is how Abbie & Crane would solve it' was cute. But them just going off to leave Crane's spiritless body undefended was pretty ridiculous, and the final reunion of Abbie & Crane was pretty anticlimactic -- I don't think it was the actors' fault, just something about the way the scene was filmed lacked oomph. Not enough two-shots? Ah well, at least she's back.
posted by oh yeah! at 8:26 AM on February 14, 2016

Joe's impression of Crane was spot on. Loved how it lampshaded it's own ridiculousness when Agent Foster mentioned "the hologram of Benjamin Franklin" as something completely absurd, and then Jenny goes "He told you that?"
Bonus points for practicality in dealing with the monster of the week. Instead of trying to find the pendant of Jefferson's wife, they just give it a mobster burial.

But yeah, the ending was very poorly written. While having another rescue mission episode would be running in circles at a time it (desperately) needs to push forward, the could instead of untethering Crane's spirit, written it as Pandora banishing him from whatever that was, and have Abbie reappear with Crane trying to find desperately a way to get back in the archives.
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While she was trapped in the catacombs, I kept waiting for Abbie to run into a Sleestack.
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I also thought reuniting them should have been bigger, huggier, and more adorable. While I get why they subverted it and played it for laughs, the look on Joe's face, CERTAIN that Crane was going to declare his love, was too good to waste on a chess joke. At the very least, I really, REALLY expected Crane to make a comment about Abbie's curls. They're leaving it all for the fanfic writers.
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