Bob's Burgers: Sexy Dance Healing
February 22, 2016 2:26 PM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Bob's lack of Burger of the Day inspiration indirectly trips him in front of Jairo's capoeira studio (previously seen in season 1 episode 4 "Sexy Dance Healing"), and Jairo (Jon Glaser) works to heal Bob's injured shoulder rather than be sued to pay for damages. Meanwhile, the strongly worded letter from Bob's lawyer (Steve Buscemi) inspires the Belcher children to fake many strongly worded letters from phony lawyers to open doors. And close them.

Burgers of the Day:
The Say Cheese Burger
The Let Us Catch Up Burger (with lettuce and ketchup; verbally recounted by Tina)
It Takes Bun to Know Bun Burger (comes on a fancy bun)
Heads Shoulders Knees and Tomatoes Burger
I'm Picklish Burger (comes with pickles)
Runny Out of Thyme Burger (comes with a runny fried egg)
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Favorite small moment: the doctor happens upon Bob and Jairo, hears that Jairo is healing Bob, tests Bob's movement, and says something to the effect of "Glad that's working for you!" and jogs off.
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I loved a whole episode of burgers of the day, probably because I am wsy too big a fan of puns.
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I've been waiting for an episode like this. On the Simpsons DVD commentary tracks, the writers are always going on about how those split-second sign gags are the hardest thing to write. Judging from the sign gags in this episode (not to mention this nextdoor store from October being lifted directly from the gun store in The Simpsons), there seems to be some pun exhaustion in the Bob's Burgers writers' room. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped doing them altogether sometime very soon.
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When Jairo pulls Bob's shirt off, you can briefly see the small tattoo he received at the hands of the bronies.
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