The Adventure Zone: Ep. 34. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Six
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Can our heroes achieve a competent victory against three relatively unkillable foes? More importantly: Can they do any sick stunts while doing so? Taako conjures up the ultimate terror. Magnus has a public service announcement. Merle faces a crystal conundrum.
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Well, that was un-expected.
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The reddit concensus is that Merle should still have an ax, as he had one in the very first episode.
posted by drezdn at 3:48 PM on February 25, 2016

Really looking forward to Merle's eventual robo-arm, probably repurposed from from Magnus's vast collection. It's hilarious how he continues to be the arm-removal expert of the campaign. I was a little disappointed by the lack of "realistic" physics in the zero-gee tardigrade fight, but it was worth it for the Roma-Zone. I love how Merle's divine might is mostly revealed by means of Touched By An Angel characters.

Can clerics use bladed weapons in 5e?
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Clint was fantastic in this episode! And I thought Griffin played dirty using his Pan voice, though Merle certainly could have rolled for something rather than just grabbing the crystal. I did love Merle's dialogue consisting of just, "Bleed, bleed, bleed."
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So, a weird note/question/opinion. I’ve found myself kind of dropping out of the show - it could be general over-saturation of MacElroy-related content, but I sort of feel like the program has gone in this direction where all three of the characters are just kind of jerks. Or maybe they all became jerks waaaay back during the train episode, what with their hating on Angus & Juicy Wizard & Jenkins, and I only really fully processed the transition now, so many episodes later.

Anyone else of the same mind? It’s fine role-play, but I’m just tired of the schtick. I’d rather feel like I’m rooting for them rather than just tolerating them because their dicking around will amuse.
posted by Going To Maine at 4:05 PM on March 6, 2016

Their characters have always kind of been jerks to NPCs, but coming from the Brothers Mcelroy, I've enjoyed it.

I would say though, that there isn't very much of that in this particular episode.
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