The Adventure Zone: Ep. 35. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Seven
March 10, 2016 3:49 PM - Subscribe

Our heroes recover after performing some impromptu emergency surgery on their holiest team member, and then, after kicking it for a while, learn the secrets of the universe. No big deal. Taako tries on a new voice. Magnus does some backseat Regulating. Merle learns about an exciting new plant.
posted by drezdn (2 comments total)
The switcheroo with how they replaced Mere's arm is pretty cool, great idea for a nature cleric.
posted by EndsOfInvention at 2:33 AM on March 11, 2016

I'm just not loving this adventure as much as previous ones-maybe I need a little more sword and sorcery and less vaguely rift tech sci fi....
posted by purenitrous at 9:13 PM on March 18, 2016

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