Supernatural: Beyond the Mat
February 25, 2016 11:59 PM - Season 11, Episode 15 - Subscribe

Sam and Dean attend the funeral of a wrestler and stumble upon a case. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues to torture Crowley.
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No so crazy about the wrestling storyline. Lucifer redeems this episode, though. Misha Collins is fantastic to watch as Satan.
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The writers have been a little ham-fisted this season in their ongoing quest for "the Winchesters learn a lesson about life, and show some character growth." Dean can sympathize with an aging wrestler because, like Dean, the wrestler puts his body on the line each and every week with no chance for glory. Even if we ignore the fact that glory is basically the biggest reason a pro athlete might participate in a sport that doesn't pay well... you couldn't have gone with someone who has a job with real world value like a firefighter or a soldier?

(Granted, we'd probably then be complaining about how cliche the plot is. I don't envy writers.)

Still it was a pretty episode. Mostly an old school monster of the week, while advancing the season arc a little bit further. I'm glad to see Crowley out of his dog collar. That was... uncomfortable. And it's shameful to keep such a fun and compelling character (literally) locked away.

Misha Collins must be loving this chance to play Lucifer. He's fantastic.

Are we to believe that these "hands of God" are one-time use only? Or is it something else? I'm banking on something else.

Also, there's a connection between the Ark of the Covenant (the first hand of God), and Aaron's rod. The Ark is supposed to contain the rod, a jar of manna, and the tablets with the ten commandments. I doubt it's the last we've heard of these.
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Someone refresh my memories, what happened to that cache of heavenly weapons Gabriel (or was it the other one) stole and hid?
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I think Castiel had them last when he was on his God rampage. We haven't heard from or seen them since.
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I thought it was kind of a B+ episode, but Dean's wrestling fanboy stuff was adorable and SO DEAN. Even though it was never mentioned before, it suited the guy so well.

I thought the sexy wrestler announcer lady was going to play a bigger part in the story, like she was evil or she'd end up needing to be rescued or something, and I was sure that Sam or Dean was going to end up having a fling with her. I guess you could say she ended up being kind of extraneous to the story, but I kind of like that none of the stuff I was expecting came to be. She doesn't fit any of the tropes!

It did seem weird that Dean's idea of "stretching their legs" was to go to a funeral, but the writers needed some way to get the guys into the wrestling stuff and I guess that was the best they could think of. They must get so sick of coming up with scenes where the boys say, basically, "Yes, we have this big apocalyptic arc we need to deal with, but let's take a break from that and do a MOTW."
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"Yes, we have this big apocalyptic arc we need to deal with, but let's take a break from that and do a MOTW."

It has always reminded me of playing a CRPG, realizing I don't have enough XP/items/whatever to attack the big bad, and going out and grinding them. Whenever they do that, I just assume the God of Supernatural made their universe to a similar spec.

On a more serious note: I thought this was fun, but forgettable. The thing that amused me the most is that they burned through another Hand of God instead of collecting it for use against Amara. (Either they're single use, or God is reclaiming their power once they're active again.)
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