My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 293: Dark Ages Teen Life
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After a rocky, inscrutable start, this episode starts to tackle some heady subjects. Like, for instance, whether or not it's possible to cook and safely consume dorm furniture. Also, how sick it would be to kick it in the 11th century. Suggested talking points: A Bizarre Scattershot Intro, Dog the Break-Up Hunter, Pillow Love, Wine Accident, Stiff Bevins, Edible Bean Bags, Sliding Doors, Jesterwork
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One of the surprising pleasures of this show is how much I learn about Huntington.
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Don't sleep on the donor episodes if you're a supporter. This year's MBMBAM has a great song near the start about how they've grown. Also the Can I Pet Your Dog bonus episode has a segment with Clint and we finally get the definite story behind all the brothers' nicknames.
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