Lucifer: Et Tu, Doctor?
March 15, 2016 6:50 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

The murder of a therapist prompts Lucifer and Chloe to enlist the help of Dr. Linda in their search for a suspect; Chloe is confronted by Malcolm about the night he was shot.
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Some super great lines in this episode.

"Hey detective. You need your roots done!"

Oh, and I guess there was a crime or something?

The Dan reveal this early makes me think he's not actually "dirty", but has some super convoluted excuse for why his actions in shooting the other cop was justified. If he were actually the bad guy here, it feels like they would have let us wonder for a few episodes.
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Fuck yeah, Dr. Linda! I'm happy they're giving her more storytime. Her instant analysis-bond with Maze was great.
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"To think I thought you were sleeping with him."

"Oh, I am!"

"Um. Is that, uh—"

"Ethical? Oh, nooooo."
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Yeah, she had a couple good scenes this episode. The actor sold the bit where she was steeling her resolve before telling Lucifer they should stop having sex.
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She (Rachael Harris, who plays the therapist) is exceptionally strong in this portrayal, considering that's it not a big role. Seems to me that more often in this kind of network show, with this kind of character, it would be totally by-the-numbers and mostly forgettable. But she's one of the best parts of the show. I think that's at least half Harris, but it's also because I think the writers enjoy writing for her.

Probably like everyone else, I saw the Dan thing coming like three episodes ago. In fact, I should have figured out from the first episode, IIRC, when he tried to dissuade her from that investigation. But as soon the show focused on it, it was obvious. It annoyed me, actually. That by-the-numbers thing. The few broadcast network shows I watch, all tend to annoy me with this stuff. It's all hand-holding the audience, assuming that everything has to be loudly signaled and, once revealed, repeated just to make sure.
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Probably like everyone else, I saw the Dan thing coming like three episodes ago.

Eh, I've had idle speculation, but the rule that I've made for myself is that unless I write it down, it doesn't count. So many possibilities run through my head that it's a bit dishonest for me to say "I knew it!" when one of them happens. (Not saying this is necessarily what you're doing now, just that I find myself sometimes doing it so I've made the rule). And as I said above I think they'll probably end up making Dan the "good guy" somehow. I mean, he has a cute daughter and everything!

A lot of my predictions are wrong. I figured the shot cop's partner was obviously dirty, but that didn't pan out. I think Lucifer still has the real wings somewhere and that could honestly probably go either way.
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It wasn't idle speculation for me with this Dan thing. It was an active annoyance. They did this very recognizable thing of him dissuading her, then ostentatiously helping her without being very helpful (and was always quick to say, well, looks like there's nothing here). To me, it wasn't so much a credible portrayal of a compromised and untrustworthy character who loves Chloe, but rather setting the audience up for the shocking reveal, which is only shocking if you haven't seen this sort of thing done in exactly this way on network television eight million times in before.

What I didn't know was how compromised or villainous he actually was. Probably, the writers didn't know. Whether they wanted something more sympathetic, like you anticipate, or whether he is really a bad guy.
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Between Dan and Sebastian Blood on Arrow, Kevin Alejandro is inextricably typecast as "shady asshole guy" for me now. Don't trust him, Chloe! This is a DC Universe! He's working for Deathstroke!
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Rachel Harris is the best. Her delivery of that "Ethical? Oh no." line killed me. Thank goodness they cast someone with such a strong comedy background, the part would have been a disaster if they gone for hotness alone.

I didn't see the "Dan is dirty" twist coming - I did have a "well, guess he's gonna die now" thought after he & Chloe kissed, but that may be PTS-Whedon syndrome talking.
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Did ... did Maze get fired?
I don't think you can really fire a demon.
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I didn't think Satan could quit Hell, either, so apparently the metaphysical realm is an at-will employment state.

Lucifer is going to crawl to Maze pleading for her return once there's no one to cater to his every whim and organize his entire life for him.
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Or when Lux falls apart after 2 hours.
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Truth! Is Lucifer going to remember to order more alcohol and schedule the bar staff and work out this week's payroll? Of course not!
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He said "we're done" not "You're fired." I think he's perfectly happy to keep her on as staff, but she's no longer his confidante.
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Yeah, if anything the impression I got was that Maze would continue to run the club, but Lucifer would no longer trust her. That could get interesting, and it will be really lazy and cheap if two episodes from now Lucifer is begging for Maze's confidence for some reason.
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So far the show has subverted the most obvious tropes so I have hope that his issue with Maze won't just be a blip in the road. I do wonder what he's going to do with the doctor.
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Hmmm, I'm pretty disappointed with this Dan reveal. He and Chloe had a surprisingly nuanced relationship for this type of show - he cared more about his work than his family, but he loved them and they loved them and he was actively trying to be better. Like they are working on fixing things! And she calls him out! And he calls himself out!

It felt matureish in purposeful contrast to Lucifer's childishness. And now, unless he can crazily explain it away, he's just a crooked cop who may be actively evil or may be in over his head, but is definitely out of Lucifer's way.
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I was just happy for Lucifer's line about having a fat man sitting on your chest, but not in a good way, which implied that he was familiar with a positive version of that experience and immediately made me imagine sitting on his chest in a totally good way.
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