Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Terry Kitties
March 18, 2016 7:18 PM - Season 3, Episode 19 - Subscribe

Terry settles a kitten-related score with his old nemesis at the Six-Five (guest star Matt Besser) by taking on a 20-year-old burglary case that got away. Back at the precinct, Charles summons all of his beta-male powers to stand up to alpha-dog Pimento. Elsewhere, the rest of the Nine-Nine take a bomb disposal class that turns unexpectedly competitive for Amy and Rosa.

This episode might go down as having one of the most creative solutions for hiding a lead actor's pregnancy, i.e. Amy's totes-adorbs bomb suit.

But when the histories are written, it will DEFINITELY go down as the groundbreaking broadcast TV debut of Jason Mantzoukas's showstopper catchphrase, "Hey Nong Man", with even the Hulu closed-captioning getting in on the act.
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Never skip ear day. Terry is always great.
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Gina is my spirit animal.
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Charles revealing his cunning plan absolutely slayed me. It's good to be reminded that he's actually a pretty competent cop and human being. I'd like to see him use that in interrogations more often.
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Did they say what was happening to those kittens? I really hope Jake keeps them.
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Ugh, what are they doing to Captain Holt. I barely recognize him these last few episodes...jawing, trash-talking, smiling and laughing. Season one and two Holt had a very particular way of expressing himself (which was hilarious) and they seem to have thrown it out the window to get easy laughs.

I hope this is only a blip.
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I'd argue that the changes we've seen in Holt are organic to his evolution over the series; his interactions with Jake and the rest of the crew have helped to reconcile his more emotional, passionate side (initially seen only in flashbacks) with the stern, no-nonsense side he initially presents.

I agree, there is a certain level of characterization drift that has happened on the show (I kind of miss the more intellectual Terry of S01 who would randomly bring up Italian cinema at cocktail parties) but I feel like Holt's varying emotional levels are a consciously-crafted part of the character rather than slack writing.
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Seconding Etrigan - that Charles reveal, of his manipulation of the alpha, was so sly and cool!
posted by brainwane at 11:33 AM on August 17, 2021

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