Judge John Hodgman: Decease and Desist
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We premiere a new segment this week, Status Conference, plus a dad goes on trial. Marc brings the case against his wife Polly. They had a beloved dog who passed away several years ago. Marc would like to assemble and prepare a display of the skeleton in memory of their pet. Polly thinks this is weird and gross. Who's right? Who's wrong?
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I really loved the new segment. They've done catch-up bits before, but I don't recall them being quite so long and involved. If Status Conference is going to replace clearing the docket, or just cut down on them, I'd be fairly happy -- Judge Hodgman's rulings are good, but there's a lot of settled law out there, and his and Jesse's interactions with litigants have always been the best part of the show.

And damn, that Mutter Museum guy (Dr. Hicks?) was just outstandingly awesome and weird and sincere.
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This was so incredibly uncomfortable to listen to because this couple just sounded like they hated each other. At the very least, they held a huge amount of contempt for each other and probably should not be married.

I have a friend who does taxidermy -- and not my thing -- but she comes from a place of respect for the animals so it's not so much that I was objecting to what the husband wanted to do so much as how he was going about it. It didn't seem to be "this would be a lovely tribute to an animal we loved" so much as "skeletons are cool!" (and I think there was a lot of "and this idea upsets my wife!") and that was just ... weird.

I was glad Hodgman called them out about how the fact neither really expressed any love or respect that this dog was one a beloved family pet and a living creature who deserved dignity. I think his judgment was perfect.
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Guy likes to torment his wife by threatening to dig up her dog's corpse and put it on display? When JJH won't let him, guy responds by blaming his wife: "she's better at lying than I am at telling the truth"? Wife concludes that she's glad her pet won't be exhumed, but worries that her husband won't be too happy about that?

Guy is the one who wanted to bring this case to trial in the first place?

Really frustrating how no one wanted to look at the flag he was waving and say: "yep, that's pretty red alright."
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