Elementary: Ready or Not
March 28, 2016 6:25 PM - Season 4, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Holmes and Watson must determine whether a survivalist doctor is a victim of foul play or has purposely gone into hiding; Holmes behaves oddly when his relationship with Fiona reaches a crucial point.
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In the Rob Doherty interview linked in the AV Club recap, he mentioned the possibility of Kitty appearing next season. I wish they had found a way to build up Fiona/Sherlock and Fiona as a character as well as they'd done the Kitty arc. But it seems like Fiona has been a demonstration of why "show, don't tell" is so important for writing -- they should have found some way to let us see the dating process instead of just hearing about it. And now suddenly they've gone from unseen dating to sex, and there's only 3 episodes left in the season to do something significant with the Morland arc, which makes it seem likely that Fiona is heading towards a 'dramatic' end/fridging.
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How is it that Jonny Lee Miller hasn't won an Emmy for this role yet? We rewound and rewatched the scene where he and Watson are watching the blurb video for The Keep, the look he gives Watson is priceless, and his delivery of the line about socialist zombies coming to eat their guns was just perfect.
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While I agree that they could be "showing" more of Sherlock and Fiona's relationship and dating process, I also do really enjoy the scenes they do have and the obvious attention and research that has gone into portraying a neuroatypical character. I'm not getting the fridging vibe at all either. I'm hoping that they just introduced her too late in the season to have room for many scenes with her and that next season we may see more of their relationship.
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Man, the second Cop from The Wire/Priest from The Walking Dead showed up on screen I knew he was the murderer. Casting directors need to think about that shit!
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i'm gonna be so fuckin pissed if they fridge fiona.

this episode was stellar! i was legitimately scared for shelock and watson in the bunker even though i was sure there was some way to call in the cavalry. the "socialist zombies coming to eat their guns" cracked me up. the 2 relationship talks were very very good.

i'm gonna scream and holler if they fridge her i swear.
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