The Sandbaggers: At All Costs
April 8, 2016 6:09 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

One year after the disastrous mission in last season's finale. The head of the Bulgarian Secret Service offers detailed information on active agents abroad, but demands that a Sandbagger makes the trade, that night. Burnside fears a setup, but ultimately the prospect of the information being offered is too tempting and the mission goes ahead.
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I'd forgotten the part where the East Germans wouldn't release her body.

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This show would be so much easier to take if Burnside was an actual monster. I can't say that he is, even after everything. Particularly in this episode, Burnside was trying to be different. He put his career on the line to try and prevent another dodgy mission. He went into enemy territory to try and bring this mission off. He wanted to go to the Bulgarians to try to save Tom's life. He wasn't going to loose another Sandbagger. Well, he looses another one, Tom dies ugly, even by Sandbagger standards. The only thing that Burnside is able to do, in the end, is to strip the body of anything identifying and go home.
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Burnside fears a setup,

It IS a setup, just not by who he thinks it is.
That's a possibility they never considered - that the info is on the level, but the reason he's looking for an out is that he's under suspicion, too. And that if Tom was ID'd, it wasn't by the head of the secret service on his own.
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