Nashville: If I Could Do It All Again
April 20, 2016 5:36 PM - Season 4, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Luke starts questioning his decision to bring Riff Bell on tour; Deacon and Frankie butt heads over Vita; Frankie makes a destructive decision.

Riff didn't know how rusty he was. Kicks against the criticism and then does a complete about face? Kinda hard to believe.
Frankie and his 15 years of sobriety down the drain over some envy of the praise Deacon is getting? He's running a bar for goodness sake. He should've developed a steely resolve by now. Kinda hard to believe.
Vita solidly lies through her back teeth and then admits nicking the cash in the heat of the moment? Kinda hard to believe.
Maddie getting all pally with Cash? I can believe that. But Cash seems a bit shady to me. Have to keep an eye on that situation I think. Cole is being a real dick. I know he is keeping this secret but I can't understand how it is twisting every part of his life up.
Will is still very gay it seems.
Scarlett is still insecure.
Avery still loves Juliette.
Nobody loves Daphne, she can just go and eat worms.
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posted by unliteral at 6:03 PM on May 12, 2016

I'm kind of heartbroken over this cancellation. Nashville has my dream premise for a television show, and even though it hasn't always lived up to its potential, I have always loved watching it. It's particularly sad because for a show I adored, there are a startling number of characters and plotlines I never want to see again, so rewatching doesn't offer the same prospect of comfort as it does for other programmes. It's like a proper soap opera, I just want to see it unspool indefinitely. Hoping (Hulu-hoping?) for a miracle.
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