Nashville: Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday
May 26, 2016 4:35 PM - Season 4, Episode 21 - Subscribe

I really have no way to express how I feel about this series finale except to say a giant WTF.

Juliette Barnes dies in a plane crash 90 miles from Nashville ROFL.
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According to TVLine, an alternate happy ending was shot but scrapped in order to make the show more attractive to platforms that might pick it up.

Other than that, everyone's story got tied up nicely with a little bow, basically the way you expected they would. And thankfully, this means that the nightmare that was Maddie's storyline is over!
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It may not have been the best series finale I've ever seen, but it was definitely the preachiest.
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Ugh, what an annoying ending. The only thing that made me happy was FINALLY some good news for Will, whose storyline had been too doom and gloom.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'd totally watch a spinoff about Will and Luke Wheeler, who became far more interesting to me than just about anyone else this season. (Avery was great, but given Hayden P's difficulties I'm not sure she'd be back anyway....)
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I rewound that last scene to see if they could have cut it early to just leave it optimistic but ambiguous. I forget what Avery says to Cadence, but I thought it would have been easy to just end the scene there. Making it an explicit cliffhanger was just dumb.
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What I love is how turning on the TV is such a reliable way to get updates about your own life in this series. I mean, I get that it'd be boring for viewers to watch Juliette dramatically flick on the TV to a commercial or the ball game. But I kind of want there to be a secret backstory about all of them actually having AI that recognizes and records just the TV news segments that concern them personally.

(Is "turn on the TV for some timely news" still a relatable Thing in most of the country? Or is this more like "see by the fridge light" or "fail to actually wrap up phone conversations ever"?)
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Just finally got to watching the last few episodes today. The cliffhanger tag was a ludicrous decision - I cannot imagine it being a factor for any platform that might be interested in picking up for a 5th season. But I suppose it's in keeping with the general soap opera ethos of the show that someone has to be in the throes of despair/crisis, and since they didn't actually show us a plane crash I'm not taking it as canon. They just better leak/release the Juliette/Avery reunion scene someday if nobody does pick up the option.

Now I just have to figure out if I want to go back and start collecting the music. There have been so many songs per episode over the seasons, it's kind of overwhelming to know where to begin without spending a fortune.
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It's being reported that Nashville is being picked up by CMT and that'll be announced at Wednesday's CMT Awards.
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