The Adventure Zone: Ep. 38. The Crystal Kingdom - Chapter Ten
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It's time for the final confrontation. Who's been hunting our heroes all throughout this campaign? What's Lucas really after? Why is Merle getting just completely boned in every fight? Answers to these questions and more linger just behind the play button. Taako has a plan. Magnus has a snack. Merle says his prayers.
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Yeah, Magnus maybe got a bit too over emboldened by previous successful fork use.
I like that he regretted it.

Also, I didn't understand why they had supposedly died 57 times or whatever.
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I think it was a plan on behalf of Legion to distract the Grim Reaper while they made their escape. They probably fiddled with his book.
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My guess is Time Shenanigans™. I'm pretty bullish on my own theory here, so I'm going to ROT13 what I think is really going on.

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I had definitely assumed the second half of that theory.
I was thinking maybe that's why Griffin sounded a bit shocked by the plan to eat the Philosophers stone. Like maybe each relic has a part to play.

The first part I had not assumed, but it makes sense. It's a good theory.
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Yeah, I like that theory, books for weapons. There's probably some aspect of the "delete from world memory" power of the voidfish at play as well.
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Yeah - It's hard not to suspect the second half of the theory from the start, and the first half makes a nice in-game explanation for some glaringly obvious characteristics of the game play.
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This, again, is part of why I wished that they had used the pleasure room on the Rockport Limited to go directly into the Crypt Safe and try to pull the occulus out of it, which would have (according to Jenkins' rules) obliterated it.
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