Last Man on Earth: Falling Slowly
April 24, 2016 10:05 PM - Season 2, Episode 16 - Subscribe

What a rollercoaster: there's divorce, remarriage, pregnancy, a confession of love, and Gail sees something....

So Carol has to get a baby from someone else and insists on getting married to them when she does Carol is going to divorce (and notarize it herself) and marry Todd all in the same day! With Tandy giving the bride away and performing the ceremony in addition to getting divorced! Except Tandy decides to object and... ask Mike to do it.

Then of course, Tandy makes sure he buzzkills the whole thing enough for Mike: making them boink in onesies with holes in the crotch, in the masturbatorium (if you recall how it's designed), while Tandy watches. (And Carol and Mike's sex talk involves "ants at a picnic" talk being screamed loudly while everyone else sits below listening to this, unhappily.) And Tandy finally tells Carol for the first time that he loves her right at the crucial moment. Suffice it to say that Mike doesn't hit the target.

And yet, Carol comes up pregnant the next morning! Tandy's not shooting blanks! Hooray!

Todd, however, shaves the rest of his head and is rather cranky right now. Melissa and Gail aren't super thrilled during this episode either, with Gail progressively stomping out of the wedding to get booze, having an appointment with a friend in Bordeaux, moving the clock when someone asks if it's too early to get drunk, and finally going outside to drink with a long bendy straw.

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Aw fuck, I meant GAIL sees a drone while drinking.
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I'm not even watching, but just wanted to applaud you for your perseverance, jenfullmoon.
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Hahahah. Sadly, I haven't been able to make all the shows I usually recap (Empire is frequently conflicting with other stuff right now, and we'll see if I get Good Wife written up since I came home halfway through it this week), but if the TV cooperates, this one at least gets done.
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I'm just glad it seems that Mike has stopped being an asshole.
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I finally caught up on this show during my latest bout of insomnia and am impressed by its ability to keep finding new sharks to jump. I did appreciate the realism in Phil's death, though. Looking forward to learning where that drone came from.
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Honestly, the shark-jumping is what I love about this show. It's so over the top that it borders on surrealism.
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