Legends of Tomorrow: Leviathan
April 29, 2016 5:42 AM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

Rip takes the team to London in the year 2166, three months before his family is killed, as a final opportunity to take out Savage.
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Oops, three days, not months. I could ask a mod to fix it, but, since the show can't be bothered to keep their continuity straight, I'll just call it an homage.
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I can't describe the despair I felt when I realized midway through this wasn't the season finale like I'd thought.
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Gerryblog, I had that same realization! My heart sank. More episodes AND the return of Carter?! Ye gods.
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Commander Person: "Why the change of heart?"
Scandal Savage: "Ask him." *Looks to Snart.*
Snart:*Snidely* "My dick"
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But we still get Sgt Rock and SANDMAN and "Red Tornado".
And, for all the dumb in this, after they were there, they were the least dumb of the whole season.
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I know it was too much to wish for Hawk Man to be dead and gone forever, but come on.
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Our house can't stand the "I love you. No I don't. Let's get married screw fate. Oh my future husband is here even though he's from another lifetime but now I don't like you anymore." Uhg. That love story line is killing me. I'm pretty much only there for the pyro and captain cold.
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This was their last chance, they blew it, and even if they had "succeeded," it was already too late. Scandal Cabbage had, by viral and military means, already annihilated everyone but his loyalists with the exception of a small enclave of resistance fighters and refugees.

I didn't get the sense that any of the characters realized that if they had succeeded, they'd be congratulating themselves on the burnt-out husk of the planet, surrounded by the cries of the miserable and the stench of the dead.

I also didn't get the sense that any of the characters had given any thought to undoing the damage Cabbage had cause once he was dead. To be fair, I had the dishwasher running when I watched the episode and I might have missed something.

It just feels like I was expected to root for a team victory and ignore the fact that any victory would have been entirely Pyrrhic. I was expected to be emotionally invested in the dilemma that saving Ba'Rista's love interest would guarantee the death of Captain Worst's family and vice-versa, ignoring the cataclysmic loss of life that had already taken place due to the team's failures.

I don't think it's because the characters are oblivious. I think it's because the writers are.

I expect they'll force a totally unearned happy ending by dissolving Cabbage's presence through time with the power of Ba'Rista's love for Chin McDeadhawk or the bullshit revelation of some bit of withheld information. Or it's going to be the intervention of the Timelords.

Ah, the Timelords. Wouldn't it be awesome if the writers had done something to make the Timelords interesting in any way at all? I mean, the most interesting thing about the Timelords is "I think I recognize that actor... hey, that's Martin Donovan! I haven't seen him in anything in a long time!"
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Chin McDeadhawk, Ba'Rista, Scandal Cabbage and Captain Worst are my new favourite names.
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I did like the giant robot fight. But Haircut forgot he had energy weapons and Jox had to remind him? Okay, whatever.

Also, whomever is flying the ship should be fired. "Hey, it's a giant robot! Let's keep the ship hovering within easy reach of the thing and fire weapons at it, instead of backing off a hundred yards and firing from there! What could go wrong?"

In the scene where Cabbage's daughter confronted him (did she get a name? I can't remember) she was framed full-body, and with the costume she was wearing and the blond hair I thought "Wow... character concept art for Zack Snyder's 'Supergirl!'"

The ship's medical bioregenerative technology seems to be pretty selective about when it will work. It completely rebuilt Snart's hand in mere seconds the time he froze it off, and it healed Gray's wounds this episode (I think it did anyway - I left the room for a few moments without hitting pause, and the Timelords won't let me rewind to anyplace I've already watched in the show, they're holding baby me hostage as insurance, so I might be wrong) but they didn't use it on Snart's face after Mick beat the crap out of him, and apparently Jox's insurance doesn't regard it as medically necessary so he still has a bum knee.

I think I figured out what's actually going on in this show - there's an even shadowier organization called the Plotlords. They stand by while Scandal Cabbage begins his reign of terror by taking advantage of a plot hole. Capt. Worst steals the Plotship to go close the plot hole, but because the plot is inherently unstable, every action he and the team take creates more and worse plot holes. The Plotlords keep changing the rules to minimize the plot damage, but they just can't prevent Worst and his crew from destroying the very fabric of the story/logic continuum.
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under_petticoat_rule , Scandal Cabbage is Vandal Cabbage's daughter. I don't think they said her name in the show,

I don't like the nickname "Captain Worst" it makes it seem like Captain Cold is the worst, when he's actually the best.
"Prick Hunter" Because he's a prick who let billions of people die.
"R.I.P. Hunter" Because I hope he dies. Painfully. Permanently.
"Doctor Fool" Because he's a fool and a stand-in for The Doctor.
"Worst Hunter" Because he's a terrible hunter and the worst person ever.
*opens a rhyming dictionary*
"Dip Hunter" Because he's a dip.
"Risk Hunter" Because he takes terrible risks.
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Didn't they say her name was Cassandra?

The first time the robot attacked, why didn't Firestorm and Atom try to take care of it? Seriously if I've got the Nuclear Man on my team, I'm putting him up front to lead the charge against the robot wearing Atom's or Nuklon's symbol.

Either the CGI was wonky, or they were doing bad things to Ray's face at one point during the big robot fight. It was really jarringly bad.

Jax really needed a better role than emotional support operator. Actually everybody needs a better role than emotional support operator.

I don't quite buy the premise that if Savage dies Chin McDeadhawk's mind will be locked into a place as bare as his chest. I'm not sure why. It's too late for me to articulate the logic behind my thoughts. Although I will throw this out there: so what if that incarnation doesn't remember who he is. Once he dies he'll come back, and things should pick up right where they left off, right? (Or not? I've spent the day doing my taxes and my brain is a tiny bit fried, so trying to compute the logic of this show is beyond me at the moment.)

I was just happy to read that they're getting a new big bad for season two (bye-bye Vandal) and a new mission. Maybe there's a chance this will turn into the show it could be.
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In case anybody was wondering, here's the link about what to expect in season two.

Since I neglected to say this in my last comment, I really wish they'd do something to make Ray Palmer not DC-cut-rate-Hank Pym, and I really hope the giant-sizing (err, Goliath-sizing) is something they forget about completely. Now if they give me Atom riding a frog I may be willing to forgive them.
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Either the CGI was wonky, or they were doing bad things to Ray's face at one point during the big robot fight. It was really jarringly bad.

I think it was a bit of both, and part of the lighting in his suit.
And the fact giant people just look a but wrong on film. He and the robot just moved wrong.\

Didn't they say her name was Cassandra?

Yes. The show is that subtle.

hope the giant-sizing (err, Goliath-sizing)

Yeah. Leave that for Apache Chief! And maybe we can get Samurai, Black Lightning and El Diablo.
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At this point the Super Friends can't be any worse than Ba'Rista.

Seriously, how did they take a character that was such a strong, fiery fan favourite in the DC animated universe and turn her into what they have in Legends? I realize comic book Hawkgirl has been a very mixed bag over the years, but they had a character template to work with, even if they wanted to use the reincarnated Egyptian backstory as opposed to the spacecop one. Sure that would mean two tough women in one show (heaven forbid) but they could be tough in different ways.
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Actually now that I think about it, Black Lightning would probably make a really good addition to the team. His powers wouldn't be too costly when it comes to special effects (which I'm guessing is one of the reasons we see so little Firestorm) and as a character, he could offer a bit of balance to the team: he's a great second in command/back-up commander/field commander, he's smart, but not a navel-gazing genius, and he's pretty emotionally grounded. He worked well Batman-created version of the Outsiders. Bring on Jefferson Pierce.
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They are really carrying the Savage storyline to two to three times the length it can actually sustain itself.

Hawkbarista and Atom have zero chemistry. Ready for that to end. And her look is so young that she perpetually looks like someone who just moved out of her parents' place four months ago. Even when they make her up or dress her to look older.

I kinda wish that the making-Atom-grow-trick had made him 3x as big as Leviathan and he'd just stepped on him like a fucking bug.
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Not to confuse matters, but Vandal Savage's daughter in the comics is in fact named Scandal Savage (I imagine this is a sideways nickname for Cassandra). I'm guessing this is the same character.

This was a pretty good episode until they made Kendra carry this week's idiot ball. I personally would have been in favor of Kendra calling Savage's bluff, smashing Carter's skull open with his own mace (what? he'll just reincarnate), and then killing Savage as Rip peed himself in shock. I enjoy this show but it needs to wrap up this story already. I'm not sure I can hang with another season if it's just more of the same.
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Seriously, how did they take a character that was such a strong, fiery fan favourite in the DC animated universe and turn her into what they have in Legends?

I see you are new to Hawk Continuity. :)

No, wait... I read on.
I would guess (hope) with the mace and all, S2 Kendra will be more like the Timmverse one, she just needs to break out of her shell.

His powers wouldn't be too costly when it comes to special effects
As bland as Lincoln is over on SHIELD, his effects have been pretty good over there, so Jefferson could work well here. And, my bad, he was Black Vulcan on Superfriends so they could not pay Tony Isabella royalties. But, cockjock costume aside, even 6yo me was not fooled by the cunning disguise.

(and HOW did I miss that he was called Black Power in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths?)

Can we talk about next week at all?
"Savage tells Kendra (Ciara Renée) that he can reunite her with Carter (Falk Hentschel) so she struggles with whether she should kill him."

Wait, what? Well, we might need to reconsider who is The Worst.

Rip (Arthur Darvill) decides they will deliver Savage to the Time Masters

Oh, never mind.
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Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Why do we have to bring back Carter's memory? He's such a fucking turd that only a mind wipe can fix him.

I am slowly dragging myself through this show. Other than Snart's chatting about bad dads, nothing good was going on in this.
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