The Good Wife: Verdict
May 1, 2016 8:58 PM - Season 7, Episode 21 - Subscribe

Lockhart/Florrick gets some accidental wall smashings and are forced to move. But mostly this is about Peter going on trial, yet again.

Seriously, how did Diane get David Lee to supposedly go along with this all woman firm thing? Because he's still here and suing for discrimination.

Mostly this is about Peter's trial, which seems to boil down to "oh, btw, Peter slept with Geneva Pine for years and he just broke up with her and she's out for vengeance." By the time Alicia is told this by Louis Canning, she so no longer cares enough to actually fake-cry obnoxiously at Louis as a reaction. (Eli is more shocked than Alicia by now.) Louis is all, "I love you, Alicia." Diane gets Kurt to fudge his testimony over the bullets a bit and then his hot blonde protegee calls him out on it. Meanwhile, Jason reasonably assumes that if Peter goes to jail, Alicia will never leave. Lucca advises him to stop playing it cool. We do not find out the verdict before the episode's over.

Alicia drinks. (My mom right now: "That's her solution for everything.") Peter confesses that he never liked wine but it's grown on him.

Yeah, I'm brain dead on recapping this.

Interview with the Kings.
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Well, I watched the entire episode thinking that this was the finale, complete with the fade to black, just like The Sopranos! And I was really bummed because it was so depressing and weird and half thought-out. Especially after last week's crazy party/hug goodbye show which was so well done and funny and touching because those were the last scenes with Jackie and Alicia's mother and brother and Marissa.

This was just, ugh, so much stuff thrown in at the last minute. Geneva Pine, really? Another two minute sad Cary scene, that train wreck of Kurt's testimony which undid all the cool relationship stuff with Diane from last week. The symbolism of the office demolition. And this episode finally killed off any interest I had in Alicia/Jason which is too bad because that land-on-Mars gift last week was inspired.
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I actually believe Peter, he was not sleeping with Geneva Pine.
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I think the only reason we got Geneva Pine is because they want everyone (Hi, Matan! Hi, Jacki! Hi, Owen! Hi, Kurt!) in these last few episodes, and Geneva is played by Renée Elise Goldsberry and is now famous for playing Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton, so they had to find SOMETHING for her to do. And I wasn't clear -- only the office scuttlebutt says they were sleeping together, right, not Geneva herself? I could skip all of this Peter stuff and just see Cary going in search of Kalinda.

When The Practice begat Boston Legal, I didn't expect much, but ended up liking it better. So, with all the spin-off rumors, I have to say, I would be willing to watch something with Lucca and Eli, mostly because Jumbo and Cumming are just delightful. (That said, when I worked in TV, they had a much firmer grip on promoting spinoffs by May sweeps of a finale week, so I'm guessing it's not going to happen. Pity.)
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I can't believe they expected us to care about yet another Peter-might-have-had-an-affair revelation. Alicia didn't care... we don't either.

I did like Jason explaining to Lucca that Alicia would probably stay with Peter if he went to prison, and I could see the same gears turning in Peter's head when he thought of accepting the 2 year deal.

Spinoff Idea: Alicia and Jason move to Mars where they open the first Martian law firm. Elsbeth Tascioni joins the firm because she already has a vacation home there.
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And another thing, Alicia's hair. For years I've read complaints about her "cheap wigs" and I want to say last night her hair looked great.
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It was a busy episode and one filled with plenty of drama, but somehow, I just sighed through it.
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I think the problem is, no one cares whether Peter goes to jail. The viewers don't care, I can't even tell if Alicia cares. So making it the central plot of the final run is just yawn worthy. I think Peter goes to jail and Alicia leaves anyway.
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Exactly. The first season's drama was "Peter might go to jail" and "Peter might have had an affair." At the time Peter was Alicia's husband and her life was being torn apart.

Now Peter's just "That guy I see every week or two to plan divorce proceedings" for Alicia, and they're expecting us to care about EXACTLY THE SAME DRAMA.
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Peter in jail and Peter cheating on Alicia is so old hat at this point that yeah, nobody cares if he actually goes and stays in this year. Alicia won't miss him, they don't live together and she's not campaigning in Iowa having to fake it, so who cares?

I'm so disappointed they decided this Locke thing was what would potentially take Peter down and NOT the voting machines. What a waste of dramatic potential.
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Peter might have slept with Geneva, but Geneva would NEVERRRRRR have slept with Peter. Never.
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