Grace and Frankie: The Wish
May 15, 2016 1:04 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The inevitable blowup over Sol and Frankie's reconnection does't happen when Robert has a heart attack. Another surprise event occurs instead.

Normally you'd expect the wedding plans to be broken up and fighting to ensue and Sol having a horrifying truth telling session with Robert about how he just slept with Frankie. But instead, Sol finds Robert passed out at home and it turns out he's had a heart attack and needs a bypass. Even though Sol and Frankie tell everyone else BUT Robert (which is to say, I don't think your kids needed to know that), they can't tell him under the circumstances. Which is awkward when Robert wants to get married right NOW before he goes into surgery. In the end, after trying to get the hospital's clergy to do it and they refuse to (the priest won't marry gay guys and the rabbi won't marry interfaith), it's up to Frankie and her Universal Life Church membership to do the job. Since Frankie is THE most upset person today, she needs to take on some of Grace's personality in order to do the job.

Oh yeah, and Mallory is pregnant with twins.
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June Diane Raphael is a treasure.
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I will say this for the show: I wasn't expecting them to marry off the guys ASAP and then have the fallout afterwards, but good dramatic choice there.
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This is as far as I've gotten before I thought "Ooh I wonder if Fanfare follows this show" and here I am.

I loved the scenes with the priest and the rabbi. As a maybe/probably atheist (I was raised catholic) they really resonated with me highlighting the absurdity of religion.

I love how Grace and Frankie's relationship has evolved, and even the relationship between the ex-wives and husbands. On that point, I love how the relationship between the step siblings are evolving too!

I'm glad the show seems to be moving from just being about "OMG the husbands are gay" to being much more about broad issues modern families face (ie Modern Family 2.0) with interesting characters with solid acting and fun writing.
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