Grace and Frankie: The Vitamix
May 15, 2016 2:36 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Grace and Frankie have to go over to the husbands' house and get dismayed at all the changes in it. The kids cancel the wedding arrangements and Bud sends a super awesome blast to the wedding list.

Grace and Frankie go over to the husbands' house and feel all freaked out at the changes in there--mostly for ease of snuggling. Grace gets annoyed that the guys got the Vitamix she always wanted, Frankie starts stealing kitchenware like two corn salt and pepper shakers. While Grace does a shakedown on Frankie to stop this, she eventually makes off with the Vitamix--and hands Frankie the shakers.
They also have a conversation about how Grace hasn't ever made a wish in her life.

In the hospital, the kids are canceling the wedding plans. As Brianna's about to leave a polite voice mail blast to the wedding list, Bud snaps and leaves a super blunt one and then (of course) accidentally sends it. But thank god for auto-correct, which manages to fix the worst blunt details. Also, after having "boring cramps," Mallory announces her pregnancy to the guys. Also, Coyote is left alone with Robert, who seems high enough to lead to them having an interesting conversation.

Quote Corner:
* I didn't write down all of Bud's voice mail, but it's super great: "Sol fucked Frankie and Robert had a heart attack because he eats sausage for every meal." That's not a gay thing, he really does do that...everything's fucked, they got married anyway, wedding canceled, send gifts, fuck you!
* This apparently gets auto-corrected to "Dear beloved guzzle, Vin Diesel fucked Frankie."
* "Oh my god, I am so relieved it was Vin Diesel who slept with my mom." --Bud
* "Who's Vin Diesel?" -Frankie

* Frankie's best guesses as to what will kill Grace: "black mold or disgruntled waiter."
* "That's it, I'm good with your amends." -Robert to Coyote
* "It's just some really boring cramps from the twins I"m going to have." "Well, Dad, I didn't want to steal your medical thunder." -Mallory
* "Whatever, Mary Lou, why don't you work at McDonald's?" "I've never loved you more." -Grace and Frankie. I don't understand this McDonald's thing at all, but apparently Grace picked it up from a grandkid.
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Okay, technically the voice mail was being translated to e-mail or something, hence the auto-correct. I did love the crap out of Bud's bluntness, though.

Wonder if anyone ever missed the Vitamix.
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Just watched the first two episodes of this season and literally laughed out loud at the group email bit and its clever resolution.

Is it just me or does Grace seem softer this season so far? She just seems less abrasive and gentler with Frankie. But not in an artificial way--it seems like the character really is developing.

And am I mistaken or did Mallory not give birth to a third child last season? I thought the count with the twins would bring the total to five, not four.
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Figured out why I thought Mallory had given birth to a third was the episode "The Elevator" where they flash back five years to the birth of her youngest child! By the time the show's present timeline starts, the "baby" is five and she only has two kids, not three. Phew!
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