Grace and Frankie: The Test
May 15, 2016 3:16 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Frankie works on studying for the driver's test...while stoned. Grace attempts to make up with her old friend group.

Frankie studies for her driving test while stoned, which is a monumentally bad idea. She flunks the test three times and is told to come back in a week, and even Grace's attempt to bribe the DMV guy with a President Jackson doesn't work. Coyote tries to help Frankie study--again, while she's stoned--and then he starts wondering if Frankie is losing her mind. Frankie eventually remembers from her time at Berkeley that studying while stoned means you need to take the test while stoned, and sneaks in a vape for her next attempt at the test. It works!....though she has a restricted license and can no longer drive at night or on the freeway. (Grace is super thrilled at the last one, but hey, it's half more license than Frankie had yesterday!)

In other news, Grace tries to refriend her old friends from before the divorce, and joins their new Wii bowling league. However, when the old friends start dissing on Frankie, Grace is out. When the DMV is more fun than bowling with old friends... Grace also gets a bowling shirt for the team, the Plucky Strikes, and gets it tailored.

Quote Corner:
"I have memorable hair." -Frankie
"And he's dead now, the president is dead." -Grace on failed bribery
"That's a turkey, suckers!" -Grace gets three strikes in a row and does a little obnoxious turkey dance in the back of the scene.
"Shit fuck! fuck shit! shit nuts!" --Coyote and Bud quoting how Frankie used to drive.
"Are you hungry? Let me get you a little something. Then get the hell out of my house." --Frankie doesn't take Bud and Coyote's concerns over her memory well.
"I kicked them out. After I gave them lasagna." --Frankie
"I'm whittling. Isn't that what old people do?" -Frankie.
"You're going to bring a bong to the DMV?" "No, that would be ridiculous. I'm going to sneak in a little vape." --Grace and Frankie
"Grace loves the balls and blowers." "Get your mind out of the gutter." --A guy on the other bowling team and Grace.
"Best friends!" "Kill me now." --Frankie and Grace
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I love how nobody ever tells Frankie to study while sober. EVER.
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