Grace and Frankie: The Boar
May 15, 2016 10:10 PM - Season 2, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Sol deals with the aftermath of his revelation. Frankie finds out that Jacob has a secret she won't like. Grace and Frankie spend some time with each other's ex-husbands. Phil messages Grace online.

Sol was asleep on the girls' patio last night, having left without his salmon-colored, turtle-shaped kids' wallet with "Chill Out" written on it. Apparently he's the sort of guy to try to quote poetry at Robert during an argument. This did not go well. Grace points out that coming to Frankie's was the worst thing he could have done for both of them.

Grace goes over to the man cave to check on Robert and fetch Sol's wallet. Did she come there to gloat? No, but she does tell Robert to do it differently this time and "I'm going to leave you to develop your sense of irony." She grabs the wallet and Robert passes Sol's glasses to her too.

Frankie goes over to Jacob's, where he's being secretive. Turns out he wants to hunt a boar that's eating his food. Frankie of course isn't thrilled about that. Wanting to keep that from her was really smart! But it's not like he could draw up a peace agreement with a boar--even though Frankie is all, have you tried, animals are getting smarter every day!
Anyway, Frankie muses that she and Robert used to be friends--they'd make fun of Grace together--and she feels bad, so she goes over to the man cave later to apologize (she needed to know for sure if Sol was gay), and he apologizes to her too. Oh, and she hid Jacob's hunting stuff on her way out.

Left alone at the beach house, Sol has been using Grace's laptop because Frankie's is sealed shut with apple butter. While he's on it, Phil wants to friend Grace, and Grace makes Sol be her "girlfriend" and give her advice on how to handle the situation. She friends and chats back.

Coyote gets a letter about his birth mother. He wants Bud to read it for him and Bud is refusing when he uh, accidentally drops it and it slides under the fridge. They talk about how Bud is the normal one in the family and likes being that one. They fish out the letter (and a pepperoni, let's not eat that, but Bud does anyway) and Bud opens it--the birth mom does want to meet.

Quote Corner:
"How do you break something you don't even use?" -Grace to Frankie after she broke off the dishwasher door. Somehow.
"You told him at the top of the stairs?"
"Damn my Christ-like capacity for compassion!" -Frankie
"It's a lot for 8:16 in the morning." -Grace
"I've learned to live with a very flexible definition of okay." -Grace.
"Are you building a Japanese fighting robot?" -Frankie to Jacob
"I never wear pleather for fear of glamorizing it." -Frankie
"Oh, you don't want to hear about the Chilean soap opera that is my life." --Frankie to Jacob. He says of course he does, plus his sister is coming over later and he'll have to unload.
"I'm really not choosing quotes well today." -Sol
Bud works with his "soon to be ex stepfather boss uncle."
"I know my way in and around an emotion." -Jacob
"I'm friends with our neighbor's cat. Peachez with a z." -Sol
"There are bout ten people in the world who can pull off that mustache and he's nine of them." -Sol on Phil
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I had to pause when Frankie explained she broke the dishwasher door because she couldn't remember which way it opened!
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