Last Man on Earth: 30 Years of Science Down The Tubes
May 15, 2016 10:24 PM - Season 2, Episode 18 - Subscribe

Phil follows Mike home to Tucson. Everyone else sees the drone.

Welcome to Tucson, Population Phil! Phil drives to his old house in a DeLorean, of course. Mike is lying around waiting to die, and pranks Phil. Phil promptly pranks him back by coughing up siracha sauce. The two also go up to the basement and open a bottled fart, because that's what Phil does. They cut the pranks, cut Phil's hair (he hates it, really) to the tune of "Falling Slowly" again, and then get into a fight where Mike tells Phil to go home and he's always been a loser and the only time he was almost special was when he didn't die. He's nicer to Phil later, pointing out he did reunite society. They look at their parents' graves (and the one Phil made in Mike's honor) and Mike reiterates he doesn't want Phil to watch him die. So Phil leaves, but gives Mike his ball collection as he goes and Mike gives him a bottled fart.

(And I guess that answers that as to whether or not they can bring the actor back later...perhaps. As Phil drives by the "Alive in Tucson" sign...maybe?)

Back in Malibu, EVERYONE sees the drone (which means Gail can go back to drinking). While the others start making signs like "WE'RE NICE" to show the drone, Melissa shoots it, because if they had nice intentions, they'd show themselves and bring cake. Melissa also gets a little trigger-happy when Carol startles her, causing Carol to have her water, pee. Melissa has a little breakdown over their crapsack world, but Carol won't have it be that bad for her baby, darn it! They hug...and then Carol makes Melissa do a little stocks time.

When Phil gets home, he feeds the calf, and then everyone's Mike's boat friend, and two other guys in hazmat suits, with guns...and they're heading toward land with those guns. Oh farts, indeed.
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Well, I was wrong about whether it would be Pat behind the drone (not that it's been 100 percent confirmed that he was, but I didn't think he'd show up again at all).
posted by Etrigan at 6:32 AM on May 16, 2016

Another really good episode. I hope Mike will be back as soon as his crapsack looking weird show where he's animated and everyone else is live fails.

Any word on renewal for next season?
posted by IanMorr at 2:13 PM on June 2, 2016

Renewed a couple of months back. It was never really on the bubble.
posted by Etrigan at 2:44 PM on June 2, 2016

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