Grace and Frankie: The Loophole
May 16, 2016 4:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Grace and Phil spend the night together and then pay for it in the morning. Frankie's determined to find a legal loophole to get out of her contract, and Robert and Sol are dragged into it.

Grace calls Frankie to say that she's spending the night at Mallory's, but really has an amorous night with Phil. Everything's wonderful until Phil gets a call that Elaine has run away again--apparently she does that if he's not here. Elaine is also very friendly to Grace until she remembers for a brief second who Grace is....Grace really, really can't do this and runs out of Phil's life forever.

Frankie's got ideas as to how to fix the yam lube situation: by giving Brianna a poncho that took 3 years to make, she came in with slides, and finally comes up with alternatives to palm oil. Unfortunately, all the alternatives have been considered and ruled out by the company already. Frankie decides to dramatically rip up her contract, except (a) that doesn't work and (b) the contract doesn't rip that easily anyway. Frankie ends up dragging in Bud and Sol to help her find a loophole and Brianna drags in Robert to thwart that, which of course leads to the guys having a fight and then getting back together in one room. In the patio area, Brianna informs Frankie that while this could go to court, if it does it'll ruin their friendship forever. Frankie says, "the point of my lube was to have less friction in the world," and she gives up the fight and she'll let Brianna do whatever she wants to. All Frankie asks is that her art be taken off the bottles.

Robert has his new friend John over in order to give John's dog water, and Sol comes in and gets jealous at that.

Quote Corner:
Frankie tells Grace that if you got me a burrito at Del Taco I wouldn't punch you in the face, and Grace is all, I would hope you wouldn't punch me in the face regardless.
"The only gift I ever got her that she liked was a Volkswagen Jetta." -Grace on Brianna
John's dog's full name is Augie Augie Oxen Free. Of course it is.
"You think I don't know what goes on at that dog park?" -Sol the stalker.
"I walk into places all the time like this. And I leave like this too. NOT EMBARRASSED!" -Sol
"You told him Augie's full name and didn't mention mine." "I didn't want to introduce you to a crazy person." -John and Robert
After Frankie suggests rape seed as a substitute for palm oil, "Women also spend a lot of time keeping rape out of their vaginas." -Brianna
"I would have pre-torn it if I knew things would take such a dark turn." -Frankie
"I'm kind of paying for my friend's services by the hour, so could we wrap it up?" -Grace to the room service guy as he presents to her the nut compartment.
"I yelled at a golden retriever yesterday and I still feel torn up about it." -Sol (Frankie's response is that they're something like giant hugs, which I didn't get down.)
"Yay, Frankie's back! I mean, boo, Frankie's back!" --Adam, literally jumping up and down when he says this.
"Don't start with quoting Franklin Delano Roosevelt to me!" --the guys do this when they fight, apparently.
"I lost the thread after his third inaugural address." -Bud, I think.
Brianna should have taken that job in Hong Kong with the fifteen hour time difference.
When Robert wonders if the guys are karmically doomed: "Wow, you're more Jewish than I am." -Sol.
"You're not going to come back next week with a family of orphaned orangutans?"

"Am I the only one that needs a hug?" -Bud
"Bud, read the room."
Bud had to hug himself.
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The Eileen stuff was just agony. The lube fighting, on the other hand, was pretty fun.
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Oh I was so sad for Grace, Phil and yes, his wife. Agonizing, yes.

At the same time I was super impressed at Grace and Phil's super romantic night. It's not often you see elderly romance portrayed with dignity.

Why is Sam Elliot so darned appealing??
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And a big hello to the lovely and talented Mister June Diane Raphael!
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