Grace and Frankie: The Bender
May 17, 2016 4:21 PM - Season 2, Episode 11 - Subscribe

It's time to meet Babe, a mutual friend of Grace and Frankie's who's planning a bon voyage party. Of the permanent variety. Grace gets drunk as a skunk. Robert and Sol decide to move to somewhere with less baggage.

(Hah, as I was typing that above I originally vote "vaggage." All the vagina talk will apparently do this to you.)

After burning her vagina paintings on the beach, Frankie reunites with Babe, some mutual friend of hers and Grace's. Frankie recounts what's happened since they last saw each other--husband's gay, live with Grace now, almost made nine million dollars. Babe is all, "you and Grace are living together?" Anyway, Babe is throwing the party to end all parties, literally, and tells Frankie that her cancer's back in full force and she's planning to off herself in the morning after the party. Will Frankie help? Yes, she eventually will. Grace (the Catholic) refuses, but eventually at least comes to the party to say goodbye.

Grace is getting drunk as a skunk in this entire episode, including liquoring up the nearest watermelon.
"Why are you defiling my watermelon?"
"Because they don't sell them like this."
"Isn't it a little early for that watermelon to be drunk?"
Grace calls this sort of thing cooking and says it's just there to marinate. She wanders off to Billie the bartender's bar to get totally stinko, and eventually Billie has to cut her off.

Frankie also has a lunch to introduce her sons to Jacob. Bud is all kinds of suspicious--his dad was the nicest guy on the planet and was cheating for 20 years, so who knows any more? Coyote literally falls in love with Jacob at first sight (and you can see it), but Bud is all, "You have terrible instincts. That's what you're known for." Heck, for all we know Jacob could be braiding someone else's garlic on the side!
Grace staggers in, ruining the party and eating cake with her bare hands, and throwing a fit about how Frankie bullied her into pursuing Phil and how she doesn't want to feel. Jacob picks Grace up and takes her out. Bud is all, "I love him." Where do you want to put her, Jacob asks? "The middle of the ocean."
By the time Grace wakes up, Frankie has cleared out all of her booze stashes, leaving notes behind and in one case, a picture of a middle finger. Grace heads out to the liquor store, but her car gets stolen and she can't get Frankie to pick her up.

Robert and Sol are back together and spending the night in the divey hotel Sol is in, dancing to the neighbor's rap. They go back home and realize that the house has too much emotional baggage for them now and maybe it'd be better for them to move.

Quote Corner:
"If you're a ghost, I'm a friend!" -Frankie
"Turns out you are easy." -Sol to Robert
Frankie used to consider Grace a skinny, emotionally shut down drill sergeant. Now she considers her a skinny, not so emotionally shut down drill sergeant.
"Are we really braiding garlic?" "It's Mom's idea of a bonding activity." -Bud and Coyote
"Our mom is using store bought deodorant for a guy who isn't our dad." "Or Art Garfunkel."
"That's some pretty stellar braiding you've got going on." -Jacob to Coyote.
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I wonder how the heck someone befriended both of these women.

Good callback to bring Billie in for this.
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